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‘While they are super-fast, comfortable, punctual and convenient, the Shinkansen trains are not cheap.’‘I had some dealings with him, and to my amazement, he never agreed to a discount and was always punctual in meeting delivery deadlines.’‘Ragweed hay fever has a short, punctuated, and punctual season.’‘She worked for some time in St. Joseph"s Convent of Mercy and is remembered as a very punctual and reliable member of staff, with a pleasant personality and outlook.’‘In the report inspectors recognised the problems we have with poor accommodation and punctual starts to lessons arising from this.’‘She looks at her watch and says, ‘Good, you are very punctual.’’‘Our trains are much more punctual and people are a lot happier, the old nickname seems to be gradually disappearing altogether.’‘Customers have a right to expect a punctual train service and at Midland Mainline that is what we are working extremely hard to provide following a number of months of disruption on the rail network.’‘Martin is not the greatest of administrators, and he isn"t punctual, but he doesn"t bother about things like that.’‘We remain committed to delivering punctual and reliable services.’‘Hungarians have learnt to be more punctual and correct in our relations, being more influenced by the west,’ she said.’‘During a four-week period ending on July 25, 84.4 percent of trains run by First Great Western were punctual compared to 73.8 per cent in August last year.’‘Mrs Ronayne, 29, from Old Town, said: ‘Rosie was due today, so is very punctual.’’‘I"m a very punctual person - I just can"t stand being late for anything.’‘He used be punctual for the rehearsals and I had to think a hundred times before telling him anything,’ said Farah.’‘Midland Mainline managing director Paul Bunting said the firm was making ‘the best fist’ of the situation as it could, and was committed to providing punctual and high-quality services.’‘Each of them shows up obediently at my room to be interviewed in turn, like hopeful job applicants - punctual and personable, indulging in nothing heavier than coffee.’‘Shanghai began to use its new digital radar control system October 15, on its air route to Japan"s Fukuoka, to guarantee the safety of flights and their punctual take-off and landing.’‘The local Reserve Defence Forces drawn from D-Company of the 10th infantry battalion, got the eagerly awaited parade off to a punctual start on the stoke of 2.30 pm.’‘Schools with best practices have teachers who are punctual, stay on after school hours to prepare for the next day"s work and interact with students in a friendly manner.’

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opportune, well timed, at the right time, prompt, punctual, convenient, appropriate, suitable, apt, fitting, expedient, felicitous