Defibrillator in use
ampere (amp)—the unit offered to measure present
milliampere (milliamp or mA)— 1/1,000 of one ampere
shocking current—electrical current that passes v a part of the human body
You will be hurt much more if you can’t let go of a tool giving a shock.

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The longer the shock, the greater the injury.
High voltages cause additional injuries!
Higher voltages can cause larger currents and more severe shocks.
Some injuries from electric shock can not be seen.

Current Reaction
1 milliamp Just a pass out tingle.
5 milliamps Slight shock felt. Disturbing, but not painful. Most human being can “let go.” However, strong involuntary activities can cause injuries.
6-25 milliamps (women)† Painful shock. Muscular control is lost. This is the variety where “freezing currents” start. It may not be feasible to “let go.”
9-30 milliamps (men)
50-150 milliamps Extremely pains shock, respiratory arrest (breathing stops), significant muscle contractions. Flexor muscles may cause holding on; extensor muscle may reason intense advertise away. Fatality is possible.
1,000- 4,300 milliamps (1-4.3 amps) Ventricular fibrillation (heart pumping activity not rhythmic) occurs. Muscle contract; nerve damages occurs. Fatality is likely.
10,000 milliamps (10 amps) Cardiac arrest and also severe burns occur. Death is probable.
15,000 milliamps (15 amps) Lowest overcurrent in ~ which a usual fuse or circuit breaker opens up a circuit!
*Effects room for voltages less than about 600 volts. Greater voltages additionally cause serious burns. †Differences in muscle and also fat content affect the severity that shock.

Sometimes high voltages command to additional injuries. High voltages can cause violent muscular contractions. You may shed your balance and also fall, i beg your pardon can cause injury or even death if you fall into machinery that can crush you. High voltages can also cause significant burns (as checked out on pages 9 and also 10). in ~ 600 volts, the existing through the body may be as good as 4 amps, causing damages to interior organs such together the heart. High voltages also produce burns. In addition, internal blood vessels might clot. Nerves in the area the the contact suggest may be damaged. Muscle contractions may reason bone fractures from either the con-tractions us or native falls. A significant shock can reason much much more damage come the body 보다 is visible. A human being may suffer interior bleeding and also destruction the tissues,nerves, and muscles. Periodically the concealed injuries caused by electric shock an outcome in a delayed death. Shock is frequently only the beginning of a chain that events. Also if the electrical existing is too tiny to cause injury, her reaction to the shock may reason you to fall, resulting in bruises, damaged bones, or even death. The size of time that the shock substantially affects the quantity of injury. If the shock is short in duration, it may only be painful. A longer shock (lasting a few seconds) could be deadly if the level of existing is high sufficient to cause the love to go into ventricular fibrillation. This is no much present when girlfriend realize that a little power drill uses 30 times together much existing as what will kill. At fairly high currents, death is details if the shock is lengthy enough. However, if the shock is short and the heart has not been damaged, a typical heartbeat may resume if call with the electrical current is eliminated. (This kind of recovery is rare.)

The lot of current passing v the body likewise affects the severity the an electrical shock. Better voltages develop greater currents. So, over there is better danger from higher voltages. Resistance hinders current. The lower the resistance (or impedance in AC circuits), the higher the present will be. Dried skin may have a resistance the 100,000 ohms or more. Wet skin may have a resistance of only 1,000 ohms. Wet working problems or bro-ken skin will dramatically reduce resistance. The short resistance that wet skin enables current come pass right into the body more easily and give a better shock. When an ext force is used to the contact point or when the call area is larger, the resistance is lower, resulting in stronger shocks.
Power drills usage 30 times together much present as what will certainly kill.

The path of the electrical present through the body affects the severity of the shock. Currents v the heart or nervous mechanism are many dangerous. If you call a live wire through your head, your nervous device will it is in damaged. Contacting a live electrical part with one hand—while you room grounded in ~ the various other side of her body—will cause electrical present to pass across your chest, perhaps injuring your heart and also lungs.
The higher the current, the greater the shock!
Severity that shock relies on voltage, amperage, and resistance.

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resistance- a material"s capability to to decrease or protect against electrical existing
ohm- unit of measure for electrical resistance
Lower resistance causes greater currents.
Currents throughout the chest are an extremely dangerous.
A male company technician arrived at a customer’s residence to execute pre-winter maintain on an oil furnace. The customer climate left the house and also returned 90 minute later. She noticed the company truck to be still in the driveway. ~ 2 an ext hours, the customer gone into the crawl space with a flashlight to look because that the technician however could not watch him. She then called the owner of the company, who concerned the house. The searched the crawl space and found the technician top top his stomach, leaning on his elbow in front of the furnace. The assistant county coroner to be called and pronounced the technician dead in ~ the scene. The victim had electrical burns ~ above his scalp and also right elbow. after the incident, one electrician inspected the site. A toggle switch the supposedly regulated electrical power to the heater was in the “off” position. The electrician explained the wiring together “haphazard and confusing.” 2 weeks later, the county electric inspector performed an additional inspection. He discovered that incorrect wiring that the toggle switch allowed power to circulation to the furnace also when the switch remained in the “off” position. The owner that the firm stated that the victim was a really thorough worker. Possibly the victim performed an ext maintenance on the heater than vault technicians, exposing himself to the electrical hazard. This death might have been prevented! The victim should have actually tested the circuit come make sure it was de-energized. job should administer workers with appropriate equipment and training. Making use of safety equipment should be a necessity of the job. In this case, a basic circuit tester may have actually saved the victim’s life. Residential wiring should satisfy the National electrical Code (NEC). Although the NEC is no retroactive, all homeowners should make sure their systems space safe.
NEC—National Electrical Code— a substantial listing of techniques to defend workers and also equipment from electric hazards such together fire and electrocution
Electrical burn top top hand and arm

There have been instances where an arm or foot is severely burned by high-voltage electrical current to the point of comes off, and also the victim is not electrocuted. In this cases, the present passes through only a part of the limb before it goes the end of the body and into one more conductor. Therefore, the existing does no go through the chest area and may not reason death, even though the victim is severely disfigured. If the existing does go v the chest, the human will practically surely it is in electrocuted. A big number that serious electrical injuries involve current passing native the hand to the feet. Such a path entails both the heart and also lungs. This form of shock is regularly fatal.