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Answer: The IRS

Every list needs to start somewhere; area codes, nation codes, zip codes, etc. No issue the list, someone is parked at the lowest number. When it involves zip codes, there’s no exception. While there isn’t a desire 00001 zip password hiding out almost everywhere in the U.S. (if there to be we’d expect it was for the mailroom at the White House), over there is most definitely a lowest number in use.

Alas, the shortest zip password isn’t a solitary digit or in possession of the can be fried Court or various other such group. The shortest in-use zip code is 00501 and also it belongs come the IRS mail processing facility located in Holtsville, new York. Whereas the greatest in-use zip code, 99950, belongs to the city of Ketchikan, Alaska.

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There’s nothing particularly novel around 00501 aside from the truth that that is the lowest assigned zip code, so we’ll leave you v a parting gift. The most basic zip password to remember, 12345, belongs come the General electric utility firm in Schenectady, brand-new York.