From the moment we to be in school, we knew that we inhale oxygen and exhale CO2. But is the all we need to know?

Probably no! together we indulge much more in chemistry, we have the right to see, there space many more things pertained to CO2. To learn all those things smoothly we must know around this gas in much more detail.

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So without further adieu, let’s easily jump right into the “ Carbon dioxide world”!!

This gas has actually a different use in different fields. Native being offered as a refrigerant to carbonated beverages, CO2 is everywhere. We should not forget how important it is because that the plants!!

It is provided in various industries as well.

The molar massive of CO2 is 44.009 g/mol and also density is 1562 Kg/m3. Currently let us learn the straightforward concepts around CO2 molecules.

CO2 Lewis Structure

The lewis framework of CO2 can be with some basic steps, but before that, the is necessary to know lewis structure properly.

So lewis structure typically gives united state an idea about the nature that bonding and octet fulfillment that the atoms. According to the octet rule, an atom attains stability by fulfilling the octet.

For example, in CO2, carbon demands 6 electrons to satisfy the octet, whereas oxygen needs only 2 electrons.

Now, let us conveniently go through the measures for producing a lewis structure of any kind of compound.

Step 1 – first and foremost we should calculate the full valence electrons current in the molecule. Treatment should it is in taken concerning +, – signs. A ‘+’ sign means losing electrons and also ‘-‘ method gaining.

Step 2 – following we need to figure out the main atom the the molecule. Largely the atom v the highest possible bonding website is the main atom.

Step 3 – following step will certainly be, developing a skeleton include only solitary bonds.

Step 4 – then we need to complete the octet that the atoms with the electrons left. It’s advisable, to start with, the electronegative atoms and then the electropositive ones.

Step 5 – ~ that, we have to ensure if there is a need of lot of bonds because that fulfilling the octet rule of every atoms.

Step 6 – at the finish ensure all the atoms space in your lowest feasible formal charge. The calculation because that formal charge deserve to be done utilizing the formula offered below:-


Now let’s relocate on to the lewis structure of CO2,


Number that valence electron of carbon = 4

Number that valence electron of oxygen = 6

Number the valence electrons because that 2 oxygen atoms = 6*2 = 12

Total valence electron = 16

Now, while deciding the main atom, notification that carbon has the greatest bonding sites. Hence carbon is the central atom the this molecule.

Following increase the step and also after illustration the skeletal diagram, we watch that 4 electrons are provided so far. Still, 12 electrons room remaining.

But, looking in ~ the octet the atoms, observe that carbon’s octet is not fulfilled. For this reason according to the rule, changing the lone bag into dual bonds is necessary.

Now, the remaining electrons will certainly be 8. These 8 electrons room distributed among the surrounding atoms.

In the end, inspect that carbon and also oxygen both are having actually 8 electrons. Also, both are having actually the lowest possible formal charge.

Thus the lewis structure of CO2 is created using 4-5 straightforward steps!

CO2 Hybridization

The hybridization of CO2 is Sp. The carbon atom is Sp hybridized and oxygen atoms are Sp2, do the in its entirety molecule Sp hybridized.


Hybridization have the right to be taken by 2 methods, one by knowledge the mix of the orbitals and 2nd by utilizing a an easy formula.

Let’s understand the theory very first and climate we can use the formula easily!

The floor state construction of C = 1s2 2s2 2p2

And ground state construction of O = 1s2 2s2 2p4

Now once the atom reach their excited state, 1 electron native the 2s orbit of carbon jumps to vacant orbital 2p. Thus brand-new configuration becomes – 1s2 2s1 2p3

This leader to the formation of 2 Sp orbital involving one electron that 2s and also 1 electron of 2p orbital of the carbon atom. The ns orbitals of oxygen integrate with the hybrid orbitals formed and also a sigma bond is formed.

This explains the theory of hybridization in CO2. Now let’s come to the amazing part! The formula!!

The formula to uncover the hybridization of any compound is,

H = ½ < V+M-C+A>


H represents the hybridization, V represents the variety of valence electrons, M represents the number of the monovalent atom, C represents the charge of the cation, and also A to represent the charge of the anion

Now if H is 2, climate it’s Sp hybridization

Likewise, if H= 3, it indicates Sp2 hybridization.

In the very same way, as soon as H is 4, the molecule will display Sp3 hybridization

When H is 5, it will certainly Sp4 hybridization

And, when H is 6, the molecule will display Sp3d2 hybridization.

For CO2,

No. The valence electrons of the center atom (V) = 4

Here, M = 0, since oxygen is a divalent atom.

As CO2 is a neutral molecule, C and A will be 0 here.

Finally, H = ½ <4>

= 2 = Sp hybridization

These two means are typically used to recognize the hybridization of CO2.

CO2 molecule Geometry

CO2 has actually a linear shape. The bond angle of CO2 is 180°.

The molecular geometry of any kind of compound deserve to be identified by the VSEPR theory. The VSEPR graph is fastened below, i beg your pardon will provide us an idea about this.


So native the above chart, it’s clear that CO2 is one AX2 form molecule, whereby X= bonded atom

Thus the molecular geometry of the CO2 molecule will certainly be linear.

The electron geometry of CO2 is linear as well. Prior to you bombard me v questions around electron geometry, let me clean it out!!

So molecule geometry is those which encompass only the atom while determining the shape of the molecule. Conversely, electron geometry has all electron pairs.

Likewise, electron geometry will encompass the lone pairs as well, which create the difference in between these two species of geometry.

CO2 no have any lone pair, therefore both geometries are the exact same in this case.

Let’s move on come the molecular orbital diagram the this compound.


CO2 Molecular orbit (MO) Diagram

The molecular orbital diagram that CO2 is together below.


A molecular orbital diagram of any type of compound provides us an idea about the bonding that the orbitals. It likewise helps united state to uncover the link order, link length, bond stamin of the molecule.

In the diagram, the left-hand side is composed of the atom orbitals the carbon. Likewise, the left side has actually AO’s the oxygen. And also in the middle is the MO.

We can see that the 2s orbit of oxygen is not associated in mixing and also remains a nonbonding orbital. The factor for this is the high energy difference between the orbitals that carbon and the 2s orbit of oxygen.

All the 16 electrons are filled specifically as per rules. The antibonding orbitals room vacant in the instance of CO2 together observed from the MO diagram.

Apart from this concepts, let us also study the methods of formation of CO2 gas.

CO2 Polarity

The CO2 molecule is linear in shape and therefore both oxygen atoms have actually equal influence on the charge making CO2 a nonpolar molecule.

The molecule does no exhibit any kind of polarization because of no dipole moment generated throughout the molecule.

For an ext detailed information, girlfriend can additionally refer come the article on CO2 polarity.

CO2 Preparation

Process 1- CO2 is developed when calcium carbonate is reacted with hydrochloric acid.2HCl + CaCO3 ——–> CO2 + CaCl2 + H2O

This is the easiest technique used in the activities for CO2 formation.

Process 2 – Another means is the combination of methane and oxygen.CH4 + 2O2 ——-> CO2 + 2H2O

This method indicates that all the carbon-based fuels can produce CO2 by the procedure of combustion.

Process 3 – third process offered to prepare CO2 is the heat decomposition of CaCO3.CaCO3 ——-> CaO + CO2

Calcium lead carbonate is cook at around 850℃ in this process. The CaO formed in this process is well-known as quick lime and is likewise used extensively in industries.

Process 4 – Carbonic mountain is offered to create CO2. The decomposition the this mountain leads to the formation of CO2 and also water.H2CO3 ——–> CO2 + H2O

This process is widely provided in industries since the development of foam or bubbles, due to the release of CO2, neutralizes the waste mountain streams.

Process 5 – Fermentation of various alcoholic beverages, choose beer, whisky, leader to CO2 development as a by-product.C6H12O6 ———> 2CO2 + 2C2H5OH

Process 6 – The Respiration process of glucose publication CO2 and also water as products.C6H12O6 + 6O2 ——-> 6CO2 + 6H2O

Next, we must know around the lewis structure, geometry, and hybridization that CO2.


As I stated earlier, to know the usage of carbon dioxide smoothly, we require to learn the elevator of this gas beforehand. This background involves lewis structure, hybridization, molecular geometry, and also molecular orbital diagram.

All the obtainable details around these topics room jotted under in this article.

After this, friend can quickly go through any type of other topic regarded CO2. Ns hope at the finish of this post you get the answers to your long searched questions!! have a happy learning.

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If there is any type of question in any type of of the over concepts, feel totally free to asking me anytime.