Aluminium Oxide Formula: Aluminium oxide is a compound made of aluminium and also oxygen. Its chemistry formula is ( mA ml_ m2 mO_ m3.) the is typically known together alumina. That is the most commonly emerging oxide that aluminium. It naturally occurs together corundum. It is likewise found in the mineral bauxite. In this article, we are going to discuss an ext about aluminium oxide.

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Aluminium Oxide (Al2O3)

Aluminium oxide (left( mA ml_ m2 mO_ m3 ight)) is one ionic compound. The is, during the formation of aluminium oxide, the carry of electrons in between aluminium and also oxygen atom takes place. Aluminium oxide, ( mA ml_ m2 mO_ m3) have the right to be represented as,

The molar massive of aluminium oxide is roughly equal to (101.96; mg/ mmol.)

Chemical Formula of Aluminium Oxide by Criss-Cross Method

The chemical formula the a link represents the number of atoms the each facet present in one molecule of the compound. In the criss-cross method, if we know the valency of each facet of a compound, we can easily write the formula. The symbol of the positive component is composed to the left-hand side and the symbol of the negative part to its right. The valency that each element is placed as a subscript ~ above the side of the symbol of one more element. Subscript (1) is not often written.

Using criss-cross method, the chemistry formula of aluminium oxide deserve to be derived. The is in aluminium oxide, there space aluminium and oxygen ions. The valency the aluminium is three and that that oxygen is two. By criss-crossing the valency numbers and using them as subscripts, we have actually the formula ( mA ml_ m2 mO_ m3.) the is,

Preparation of Aluminium Oxide (Al2O3)

The ready of aluminium oxide in various approaches are described below:

1. Alumina (Aluminium oxide) can be obtained from Bauxite by the process of leaching

Bauxite is the cook ore the aluminium. The usually contains the impurities choose silicon dioxide (left( mSi mO_2 ight),) iron oxides and titanium oxide (left( mTi mO_2 ight).) The bauxite ore is concentrated with a systems of ( mNaOH) in ~ (473 – 523; mK) and (35 – 36) bar pressure. As a result, salt aluminate (left( mSi mO_2 ight.) is formed as sodium silicate in the solution) is developed leaving the impurities behind. The is,

( mA ml_2 mO_3(; ms) + 2 mNaOH( maq) + 3 mH_2 mO( mI) o 2 mNaleft< mAl( mOH)_4 ight>( maq))

Carbon dioxide is passed v the equipment to neutralize the sodium aluminate present in it. As a result, character language aluminium oxide is precipitated. The is,

(2 mNaleft< mAl( mOH)_4 ight>( maq) + mC mO_2(; mg) o mA ml_2 mO_3 cdot mx mH_2 mO( ms) + 2 mNaHC mO_3( maq))

The character language alumina is filtered out, and also the salt silicate stays in the solution. The filtered hydrated alumina is then dried and also heated to produce pure ( mA ml_ m2 mO_ m3.) the is,

2. Aluminium likewise reacts through oxygen to kind aluminium oxide.

That is,

(4 mAl + 3 mO_2 o 2 mA ml_2 mO_3)

Properties of Aluminium Oxide (Al2O3)

Let us discuss the physical and chemical nature of aluminium oxide.

Physical nature of Aluminium Oxide (Al2O3)

Aluminium oxide shows up as a white solid.It is insoluble in water and in nearly all solvents.Aluminium oxide is an electrical insulator, but it reflects thermal conductivity because that ceramic materials.The melting allude (left( sim 2345; mK ight)) and boiling point (left( sim 3250; mK ight)) the aluminium oxide space comparatively high.The thickness of aluminium oxide is (3.987; mg/ mc mm^3.)

Chemical properties of Aluminium Oxide (Al2O3)

Generally, metal oxides are an easy in nature. But, aluminium oxide is one amphoteric oxide. The is, it deserve to react v both acids and also bases. As soon as it reacts through an acid, the behaves as a base, and when the reacts v a base, the behaves together an acid.

For example, aluminium oxide reacts through hydrofluoric mountain to type aluminium fluoride salt and also water. That is,

( mA ml_2 mO_3 + 6 mHF o 2 mAl mF_3 + 3 mH_2 mO)

Aluminium oxide reacts with hydrochloric acid to type aluminium chloride and water as the products. The is,

( mA ml_2 mO_3 + 6 mHCl o 2 mAlC ml_3 + 3 mH_2 mO)

Similarly, aluminium oxide reacts through sodium hydroxide to form sodium aluminate salt.

( mA ml_2 mO_3 + 2 mNaOH + 3 mH_2 mO o 2 mNaAl( mOH)_4)

Aluminium reacts v atmospheric oxygen and forms a protective class of aluminium oxide on its surface. This aluminium oxide layer helps in the avoidance of corrosion that aluminium. This is the factor why aluminium is dubbed a corrosion-resistant metal.

Uses of Aluminium Oxide (Al2O3)

Aluminium oxide has actually got countless uses. Lock include:

Due come the hardness and also strength the aluminium oxide, that is majorly used as one abrasive. The is, aluminium oxide is supplied as a instead of for commercial diamond, used for making sandpaper, cut tools, etc.It is most widely used as a product for ceramics.It is used as a filler for plastics.It is a usual ingredient in sunscreen, lipstick, blush and nail polish.It is supplied for making glass. One of the typical glass which has aluminium oxide is aluminosilicate glass. It contains (5 – 10\% ) that aluminium oxide.It is offered as a catalyst in some industrial reactions. For example, aluminium oxide is provided as a catalyst in the Claus process, i m sorry is used for the conversion of hydrogen sulphide wastes right into elemental sulphur.Water can be gotten rid of from gas streams utilizing aluminium oxide.The flakes that aluminium oxide are supplied in paints for giving a reflective or decorate effect.For integrated circuits, aluminium oxide is offered as an electrical insulator.Transparent aluminium oxide is offered in salt vapour lamps and compact fluorescent lamps.In laboratories, it have the right to be provided as a chromatographic medium.In medicine, the is supplied in birth control pills and in i know good replacement.

Formula that Oxide of Eka-Aluminium

Eka-aluminium was the name offered for the element Gallium by Mendeleev before the exploration of the aspect Gallium. The chemical name of that is most common oxide is gallium (III) oxide. Its chemical formula is ( mG ma_ m2 mO_ m3 m.) it is also known as gallium trioxide. It exist in different polymorphs (The presence of solid material in more than one kind or crystal structure). Let us discuss much more gallium (III) oxide.

Preparation the Gallium (III) oxide 2O3>

Gallium (III) oxide deserve to be all set by the neutralization the acidic or basic solution of gallium salt. Together a result of the process, gallium (III) oxide will certainly be precipitated.

Properties of Gallium (III) oxide 2O3>

Let us discuss some nature of gallium oxide.

Gallium (III) oxide appears as a white crystalline powder. It is insoluble in water but is soluble in many acids.Like aluminium oxide, gallium (III) oxide is additionally amphoteric in nature. That is, that reacts with both acids and bases.

For example, gallium (III) oxide reacts through hydrochloric acid to type gallium trichloride. The is,

( mG ma_2 mO_3 + 6 mHCl o 2 mGaC ml_3 + 3 mH_2 mO)

Gallium (III) oxide deserve to be reduced to gallium suboxide by the reduction v hydrogen. That is,

( mG ma_2 mO_3 + 2 mH_2 o mG ma_2 mO + 2 mH_2 mO)

It can likewise be excellent by the reaction the gallium (III) oxide through gallium metal. The is,

( mG ma_2 mO_3 + 4 mGa o 3 mG ma_2 mO)

Uses the Gallium (III) oxide <Ga2O3>

Gallium (III) oxide has actually no great commercial value. However, it has obtained some uses. Lock include:

It is supplied in lasers and also luminescent materials.It is used in gas sensors.It is additionally used in transistor applications.


Aluminium oxide is an not natural compound v the chemical formula ( mA ml_ m2 mO_ m3 m.) the is naturally discovered as corundum and also is commonly known together alumina. Aluminium reacts v atmospheric oxygen to type a herbal layer of aluminium oxide on its surface. It have the right to be ready chemically from Bauxite also. In this article, we have actually discussed an ext about aluminium oxide. The most common oxide of Eka-aluminium which is recognized as gallium (III) oxide is likewise covered in this article.

FAQs ~ above Aluminium Oxide (Al2O3)

Q.1. What is the formula the aluminium oxide?Ans: Aluminium oxide is an inorganic compound with the chemistry formula ( mA ml_ m2 mO_ m3 m.) it is one ionic compound.

Q.2. What is the chemical formula the the oxide the Eka-aluminium?Ans: The chemical surname of the usual oxide the Eka-Aluminium is gallium (III) oxide. Its chemistry formula is ( mG ma_2 mO_3.)

Q.3. What is the formula massive unit the aluminium oxide?Ans: The formula unit massive of a problem is the sum of the atom masses of every atoms in an ionic compound’s formula unit. Therefore, the formula unit massive of aluminium oxide can be discovered as,Atomic mass of aluminium (= 26.981, mu)Atomic massive of oxygen (= 15.999, mu)The formula unit fixed of aluminium oxide (left( mA ml_2 mO_3 ight) = (2 imes 26.981) + (3 imes 15.999) = 101.959, mu)

Q.4. What space the offers of aluminum oxide?Ans: Aluminium oxide has got numerous uses. The important uses of aluminium encompass its supplies in ceramics, abrasive applications, refractories, polishing, etc.

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Q.5. Is aluminum oxide toxic to humans?Ans: Aluminium oxide is a much less toxic substance. However, at higher concentrations, the exhibits toxic effects. Because that example, inhalation that aluminium oxide dust can reason lung problems.

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