Chubraintv-jp.com surname cyanide Chubraintv-jp.com id CHubraintv-jp.com:17514 meaning A pseudohalide anion the is the conjugate base of hydrogen cyanide. Stars This entity has ubraintv-jp.comtually been manually annotated by the Chubraintv-jp.com Team. second Chubraintv-jp.com IDs CHubraintv-jp.com:41780, CHubraintv-jp.com:3969, CHubraintv-jp.com:14038 Supplier information Download Molfile XML SDF

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Formula CN
Net charge -1
average Mass 26.01740
Monoisotopic massive 26.00362
InChI InChI=1S/CN/c1-2/q-1

An EC 1.9.3.* (oxidoreductase exhilaration on donor heme group, oxygen as ubraintv-jp.comceptor) inhibitor the interferes through the ubraintv-jp.comtion of cytochrome c oxidase (EC
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Chubraintv-jp.com Ontology
Outgoing cyanide (CHubraintv-jp.com:17514) has role EC (cytochrome c oxidase) inhibitor (CHubraintv-jp.com:38500) cyanide (CHubraintv-jp.com:17514) is a pseudohalide anion (CHubraintv-jp.com:36828) cyanide (CHubraintv-jp.com:17514) is conjugate basic of hydrogen cyanide (CHubraintv-jp.com:18407) cyanide (CHubraintv-jp.com:17514) is conjugate basic of hydrogen isocyanide (CHubraintv-jp.com:36856)
just arrive cyanide salt (CHubraintv-jp.com:36572) has component cyanide (CHubraintv-jp.com:17514) hydrogen cyanide (CHubraintv-jp.com:18407) is conjugate mountain of cyanide (CHubraintv-jp.com:17514) hydrogen isocyanide (CHubraintv-jp.com:36856) is conjugate mountain of cyanide (CHubraintv-jp.com:17514)

Synonyms sources
CN− IUPubraintv-jp.com
CN- KEGG compound
Cyanide KEGG compound
Cyanide Chubraintv-jp.com
Prussiate KEGG compound
Zyanid Chubraintv-jp.com

manual Xrefs Databases
C00177 KEGG link
CPD-13584 Metubraintv-jp.comyc
Cyanide Wikipedia
HMDB0002084 HMDB
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Registry number varieties sources
1900509 Reaxys it is registered Number Reaxys
1900509 Beilstein registry Number Beilstein
57-12-5 CAS it is registered Number KEGG compound
57-12-5 CAS it is registered Number ChemIDplus
57-12-5 CAS it is registered Number NIST Chemistry WebBook
89 Gmelin registry Number Gmelin

Citations types resources
11386635 PubMed quote Europe PMC
14871577 PubMed citation Europe PMC
17554165 PubMed citation Europe PMC
7839575 PubMed citation Europe PMC


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