The marketing process is composed of numerous steps; there are few fundamental actions, which have to be followed for all types of commodities. The offering procedure deserve to be for brief time or lengthy time, depending upon the nature of the product. A product, which demands huge investment, might take longer time to finish the offering process whereas in situation of everyday commodities wright here the customer is conscious of the nature of the product, the marketing process ends in shorter time.

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Example − Door to door sales, wright here the salesperkid defines all the steps and ends the procedure in 10 to 15 minutes. However before, for hefty machinery, it might take time to present the technological nature and also define the product; it takes even more than one visit to finish the offering process.


The initial step of offering process starts via prospecting or in search of potential customers. Acomponent from retail sales, it’s extremely rare as soon as customers reach out to the salesperboy. It’s the salesperson who reaches out to customers in order to market the product.

The complying with are the two major activities under prospecting −

Find the prospects or the potential customers Educate them in order to figure out if they are valid customers

Find the Prospects or the Potential Customers

Finding the prospect is not a straightforward step for a sales person bereason consumers would not even prefer to listen to the presentation about the product they carry out not need. The rate of saying “No” is extremely high. In few customer items, the identification of customers originates from sources favor friends, loved ones, colleagues and so on The adhering to are some of the finest resources.

Existing Customers − One of the good resources of prospects is an existing customer. For a salesperboy, it is exceptionally basic to offer the commodities to an existing customer instead of selling to the brand-new customers.

Never-finishing Chain − This is a completing strategy to discover out prospects. The salesperson reaches many kind of new customers through the aid of existing customers. The salesperboy selling the product to existing customers asks to provide referral to friends or relatives and also the salesperchild reaches the new customers. This chain goes on and on.

Cold Call − In this method, the salesperchild has to visit door to door to sell the commodities. The sales procedure starts from development yet in this instance, the rejection price is high.

Directories − The salesperson tries to find out prospect customer call via the help of a catalog. The salesperboy have the right to additionally collect the indevelopment with membership directories of trade associations, social organization and so on.

Mailing − The providers promote their product through mails by sfinishing advertisements. The benefit is that it’s cheap and the firm targets many kind of customers by sending mass mailers.

Exhibition − The salesperson can targain the prospective customers via trademirrors and exhibitions. It’s one of the most basic ways and also the salesperkid might also virtually present the use of the product and the attributes. Announcement is advance, before the exhibitions starts, is extremely advantageous to lure more customers.

Train/Educate the Prospects

After the salesperkid has actually determined the potential customers, he must uncover out if they are valid prospects. After finding the valid prospects, the salesperson hregarding offer the presentation.

Tbelow are several approaches for qualifying customers and the prominent approach is MAN, i.e., Money, Authority and also Need.

Money − The salesperchild must recognize the financial status of the customers because money matters a lot, and also, without it, the prospect cannot purchase the product. The customer or the prospect should have the ability to pay money in return of the product.

Authority − The prospect that is purchasing the product need to have the authority to make decision. This is important while managing government agencies, corpoprice and so on.

Need − This is one of the most crucial points because if the prospect has money and also additionally the authority however there is no require of the product, he or she will not purchase the product.

The salesperboy has to discover out about these facets prior to proceeding to the offering procedure.

Preparation for the Sale of Product

Once the prospect has been figured out and qualified as discussed in first action, the salesperson hregarding prepare for the sales of product or organization. The complying with are the two stperiods connected in preparation −

Pre-approachCall Planning


This step requires collecting all the information crucial to learn about the prospects and also their demands. The following are the 4 steps of pre-approach −

Prospect need and capability should be disclosed.All the forced indevelopment, which would certainly help the salesperboy to prepare the presentation.Relevant indevelopment, which helps salesperboy not produce any errors during presentation.Confidence to tackle the inquiries of the prospect.

Call Planning

Call Planning contains a details planning sequence. The salesperson calls the customer and also describes the objective of the speak to and also defines the product to provides appointments.

The initially objective of the salesperboy is to obtain an order from the customer. Some objectives might likewise be required in the mid-of-the-contact progression, relying on the contact. Following are a few goals for speak to planning −

Collect even more indevelopment from the customer .Find out the need of the customer and connect via the functions of product.Take permission from customer prior to presentation of product.Suggest a brand-new distributor.

The salesperkid hregarding construct a strategy and plan accordingly to achieve the objective or goal. The salesperson must be very cautious while checking the background of the customers and also obtaining details. This helps to framework a strategy and also develop a setup. The calls made by salesperchild are costly, so they have to take prior appointment.


In this step, the salesperson hregarding offer the presentation about the product to the customer. She/he must explain the functions of the product and how it will fulfill the requirements. The presentation need to be clear and also understandable by the customer. It need to also be amazing to save the customer connected in the conversation.

A presentation have the right to be classified into the complying with categories −

Fully automatedSemi-automatedMemorizedOrganizedUnstructured

Fully Automated

In this method, the salesperkid provides the presentation via the help of slides in a structured manner. He additionally describes and removes the doubts of the customers. Example: Life Insurance.


The salesperson reads out the agency brochures and also adds comments as per need or queries from the client. Example: Pharmaceutical assets.


The company presents its message, which is brief and crisp, and which can be conveniently memorized by the customer.


One of the many attractive, effective and also often-provided approaches is organized presentation. The salesperboy have the right to make changes in the presentation as required but based on the company’s pre-characterized outline. In this strategy, the sale person covers the four actions, i.e., Attention, Interest, Desire and Action.


The salesperson and also the customer together try to settle the difficulties. Hence this method is also well-known as difficulty solving. This kind of presentation is not well concentrated many type of a times; some points are missed and time is wasted. Also the salesperkid has to face many kind of queries from the customers and also if the salesperboy is brand-new in the field, he/she will not have the ability to answer the queries in an effective manner.

Therefore, we deserve to conclude that the presentation to the establiburned customers need to be done by an effective salesperson.

Handling Objections

The salesperboy has to battle to market the product to the customers. During the sales procedure, the prospects raise objections, which have the right to be proclaimed or covert. Prospects may state the factor for objections and also offer a possibility to salesperson to answer. This is an absolute case bereason the prospect is indeveloped regarding the objections.

Unfortunately, in many type of cases, the prospects perform not administer the reason for objection of the product. They hide their actual reason for not buying the product. If the salesperchild is unable to understand the actual factor, he/she will not be able to deal with the difficulty.

To solve this, tright here are two approaches to find out the objections.

To allow the prospect to talk to find out the covert objection.The observation acquired by endure and also mixing with the understanding of the prospects.

Many kind of times, the objection is as a result of high price of the product. That objection can be answered when the salesperson has the knowledge of the competitor’s assets also.

Also, in many instances, the prospects carry out not understand the technological elements and also are misindeveloped. The salesperkid need to carry out additional information in this case.

Now we can conclude that the objection deserve to be reresolved by giving an alternate product to the prospects.

Cshedding the Sale

After answering the objections made by prospects, the salesperboy asks for the prospect to order the product. If the prospect does not agree to buy the product, the whole initiative gets waste. The complying with are some effective approaches to close the sale −

Gift Close

In this technique, the customers gain an impetus for instant buying activity. The salesperboy increates about the benefits of the product to the prospects.

Example − A company provides an choice to the prospect that if the bill exceeds Rs.3000, he can buy a bed sheet worth 2000 for simply Rs.200.

Here, if the customer has made a purchase of Rs.2500, he will certainly inspect out to buy somepoint else to reach 3000. This helps the firm to market two extra commodities — one for Rs.500 or more to reach 3000 and one more, bed sheet for Rs.200.

Direct Close

This is among the easiest approaches to close the sales. This happens once the buyer has actually positive approach to buy a product. The salesperchild summarizes the vital points that were made before sale.

Example − A prospect demands beauty cream and also procedures right into a shop. The salesperchild supplies the products; if forced, reflects the demo. Once the prospect is satisfied, he/she will buy it.

If the salesperkid is knowledgeable, he/she will certainly try to cshed it as at an early stage as possible because he/she would understand if the prospect is inclined to buy the product. A good salesperboy renders certain that he has actually completed all the measures throughout sales process.

Therefore, closing is an essential step in sales procedure. The other steps are meaningmuch less without cshedding.


After making the sale, the salesperboy hregarding follow up through the prospects. After sales tasks are essential components of the marketing procedure. This helps in reducing any doubt by the customer concerning the product or company. Tbelow is also a possibility that the buyer through buy aobtain in future.

There are specific plans by a firm for after sales activities. Even though the firm offers excellent products, tright here will be few complaints from customers. The complaints need to be taken seriously and also the firm need to attempt to fix. This helps the agency to enhance in regards to product or company.

An experienced salesperchild tries to administer the ideal service to its customers. As a part of managing complaints, they also store the prospect informed about the latest products or solutions and also administer other types of assistance. The salesperboy need to develop great rapport via the customer. This helps to get even more customers bereason the existing customer will certainly refer to his friends and also family members.

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The salesperson must give thanks to the customer for the service and also sell tiny gifts.