The selling process consists of number of steps; there are couple of basic steps, which should be followed for all varieties of products. The selling procedure can be for quick time or long time, depending upon the nature of the product. A product, i m sorry needs huge investment, might take longer time to finish the selling procedure whereas in instance of daily commodities where the customer is aware of the nature the the product, the selling process ends in shorter time.

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Example − Door to door sales, whereby the salesperson describes all the steps and ends the procedure in 10 come 15 minutes. However, for heavy machinery, it might take time to existing the technical nature and also explain the product; that takes an ext than one visit to complete the offering process.


The initial step of selling procedure starts with prospecting or in search of potential customers. Personally from retail sales, it’s an extremely rare when customers reach the end to the salesperson. The the salesperson who reaches the end to client in bespeak to market the product.

The adhering to are the two significant activities under prospecting −

Find the future or the potential client Educate them in stimulate to number out if they room valid customers

Find the prospects or the Potential client

Finding the possibility is not basic step for a sales person due to the fact that consumers would not also like to hear to the presentation concerning the product they carry out not need. The rate of saying “No” is an extremely high. In few consumer goods, the to know of customers comes from sources choose friends, relatives, partner etc. The following are some of the best sources.

Existing Customers − one of the great sources of future is an present customer. For a salesperson, the is very easy to market the assets to an present customer rather of marketing to the new customers.

Never-ending Chain − This is a completing strategy to find out prospects. The salesperson reaches many brand-new customers through the aid of existing customers. The salesperson selling the product to existing customers asks to carry out referral come friends or relatives and the salesperson reaches the new customers. This chain go on and also on.

Cold Call − In this technique, the salesperson has to visit door come door to sell the products. The sales process starts from arrival but in this case, the rejection rate is high.

Directories − The salesperson tries to discover out prospect customer contact with the aid of a directory. The salesperson can additionally collect the information through member directories of profession associations, social organization etc.

Mailing − The carriers promote their product v mails by sending out advertisements. The benefit is that it’s cheap and also the agency targets many customers by sending mass mailers.

Exhibition − The salesperson might target the prospective customers through tradeshows and exhibitions. It’s one of the easiest ways and the salesperson might also almost show the usage of the product and also the features. Notice is advance, prior to the exhibitions starts, is really helpful come attract more customers.

Train/Educate the Prospects

After the salesperson has determined the potential customers, he should uncover out if they space valid prospects. After ~ finding the precious prospects, the salesperson has actually to offer the presentation.

There room several approaches for qualifying customers and the prominent technique is MAN, i.e., Money, Authority and also Need.

Money − The salesperson should understand the financial standing of the customers because money problem a lot, and, without it, the possibility cannot acquisition the product. The consumer or the prospect should have the ability to pay money in return that the product.

Authority − The prospect that is purchasing the product should have actually the government to do decision. This is important while handling government agencies, this firm etc.

Need − This is among the most essential points due to the fact that if the prospect has money and additionally the authority but there is no need of the product, the or she will certainly not purchase the product.

The salesperson has actually to uncover out about these aspects before proceeding to the selling process.

Preparation because that the revenue of Product

Once the prospect has been identified and qualified as discussed in very first step, the salesperson needs to prepare for the sales of product or service. The complying with are the 2 stages associated in preparation −

Pre-approachCall Planning


This step entails collecting all the information important to learn around the prospects and their needs. The adhering to are the four steps that pre-approach −

Prospect need and capacity should be disclosed.All the required information, i m sorry would aid the salesperson to prepare the presentation.Relevant information, which helps salesperson not create any type of errors during presentation.Confidence to tackle the inquiries of the prospect.

Call Planning

Call Planning includes a certain planning sequence. The salesperson phone call the customer and also explains the objective of the call and also explains the product to provides appointments.

The first objective of the salesperson is to obtain an order from the customer. Some goals may additionally be forced in the mid-of-the-call progress, depending on the call. Adhering to are a few objectives for speak to planning −

Collect much more information native the client .Find the end the need of the customer and also link through the attributes of product.Take permission indigenous customer prior to presentation that product.Suggest a new distributor.

The salesperson has actually to construct a strategy and plan appropriately to accomplish the target or goal. The salesperson have to be really careful while check the lift of the customers and also obtaining details. This helps to frame a strategy and develop a plan. The calls made by salesperson are costly, therefore they need to take front appointment.


In this step, the salesperson has to provide the presentation concerning the product come the customer. She/he should define the functions of the product and how it will accomplish the needs. The presentation must be clear and also understandable by the customer. The should likewise be amazing to keep the customer affiliated in the conversation.

A presentation can be classified right into the complying with categories −

Fully automatedSemi-automatedMemorizedOrganizedUnstructured

Fully Automated

In this approach, the salesperson provides the presentation with the help of slides in a structured manner. He also explains and also clears the doubts of the customers. Example: Life Insurance.


The salesperson reads out the firm brochures and also adds comments together per need or queries indigenous the client. Example: pharmaceutical products.


The company presents the message, which is short and crisp, and also which deserve to be quickly memorized by the customer.


One of the most attractive, effective and also often-used viewpoints is organized presentation. The salesperson have the right to make transforms in the presentation as required but based on the this firm pre-defined outline. In this approach, the sale person covers the 4 steps, i.e., Attention, Interest, Desire and Action.


The salesperson and also the client together shot to fix the problems. For this reason this approach is additionally known as problem solving. This type of presentation is no well focused many a times; part points are missed and time is wasted. Additionally the salesperson has to challenge many queries from the customers and if the salesperson is new in the field, he/she will not have the ability to answer the queries in an efficient manner.

Thus, we deserve to conclude that the presentation to the created customers have to be done by an reliable salesperson.

Handling Objections

The salesperson has to struggle to offer the product to the customers. Throughout the sales process, the prospects raise objections, which deserve to be declared or hidden. Prospects may state the reason for objections and give a possibility to salesperson come answer. This is an pure situation due to the fact that the prospect is informed regarding the objections.

Unfortunately, in numerous cases, the prospects execute not provide the factor for objection the the product. Castle hide their real reason for not buying the product. If the salesperson is unable to understand the real reason, he/she will not be able to resolve the problem.

To resolve this, there room two techniques to discover out the objections.

To permit the prospect to talk to discover out the surprise objection.The observation got by experience and also mixing through the knowledge of the prospects.

Many times, the objection is due to high price the the product. That objection have the right to be answered once the salesperson has the knowledge of the competitor’s assets as well.

Also, in countless cases, the prospects carry out not understand the technical aspects and are misinformed. The salesperson need to provide extr information in this case.

Now we can conclude the the objection deserve to be fixed by giving an alternative product come the prospects.

Closing the Sale

After answering the objections do by prospects, the salesperson asks because that the prospect to order the product. If the prospect does no agree to buy the product, the entire initiative gets waste. The complying with are some reliable techniques to close the sale −

Gift Close

In this technique, the customers acquire an incentive for immediate buying action. The salesperson informs regarding the benefits of the product come the prospects.

Example − A agency provides an alternative to the possibility that if the bill exceeds Rs.3000, he can buy a bed sheet worth 2000 for simply Rs.200.

Here, if the customer has made a acquisition of Rs.2500, the will examine out to buy something else to with 3000. This helps the firm to sell two extra commodities — one for Rs.500 or more to with 3000 and another, bed sheet for Rs.200.

Direct Close

This is just one of the simplest techniques to near the sales. This happens when the buyer has positive strategy to purchase a product. The salesperson summarizes the important points that were made prior to sale.

Example − A prospect requirements beauty cream and also steps into a shop. The salesperson provides the products; if required, mirrors the demo. As soon as the possibility is satisfied, he/she will buy it.

If the salesperson is experienced, he/she will shot to close the as beforehand as feasible because he/she would recognize if the possibility is inclined come buy the product. A great salesperson provides sure the he has completed all the steps during sales process.

Thus, closeup of the door is crucial step in sales process. The other actions are meaningless there is no closing.


After do the sale, the salesperson needs to follow up with the prospects. After ~ sales tasks are crucial parts of the marketing process. This helps in reducing any kind of doubt by the customer concerning the product or service. There is likewise a possibility that the buyer with buy again in future.

There are details policies by a agency for after sales activities. Also though the company provides good products, there will be couple of complaints from customers. The complaints need to be taken seriously and the company should shot to resolve. This helps the agency to improve in regards to product or service.

An experienced salesperson do the efforts to carry out the finest service to its customers. As a component of dealing with complaints, they likewise keep the possibility informed concerning the latest commodities or services and also also carry out other types of assistance. The salesperson must build great rapport v the customer. This helps to get an ext customers since the existing client will describe his friends and relatives.

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The salesperson should thank the customer for the business and also offer little gifts.