There room some important facts around Quito Ecuador altitude the every traveler have to keep in psychic before getting here in the capital city.

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What is the Quito Ecuador’s altitude?

Quito is the second-highest resources city in the world. V an altitude the 2 850 mt / 9 350,4 ft over sea level, Quito is reduced only 보다 La Paz, the funding of Bolivia, i m sorry is situated at 3 650 mt / 1 1976 ft above sea level.

That is awesome! You may think. And you’re right, the views from increase there room stunning!

But the altitude can likewise cause some headaches – literally! – as the higher up girlfriend are, the much less oxygen walk to your lungs through every breath. But hey, nothing worry! you will more than likely experience naught worse than part shortness of breath, though a couple of people also suffer headaches, dizziness, and nausea. In rare cases, a quick visit come the doctor can be necessary. 

More commonly, Quito Ecuador’s altitude causes sunburn. Nothing forget, it’s located right ~ above the equator! Make sure you constantly have a decent supply of great sunblock throughout your visit come the capital!

How to deal with altitude sickness?

Remember, less oxygen in her lungs is what gives you altitude sickness, or “soroche” (the Ecuadorian slang because that altitude sickness). Therefore the best means to address it is come avoid getting out the breath! 

We can share with you the following methods for managing altitude sickness.

Rest, remainder as lot as friend can

Especially if friend just acquired out the a airplane after a wonderful vacation at sea level! when you get out of an plane in Quito you deserve to instantly feeling the absence of oxygen and also you may experience some shortness that breath. So, simply right there, at the moment, slow down! walk slower, breathe slower and more deeply, and also take as plenty of breaks as you require while walking roughly the city. This also means, try to stop overexerting you yourself or exercising strenuously – at least at the start of your journey in this city.

Take as numerous days together you should acclimatize to Quito

The acclimatization duration is various for everyone. Some human being need a pair of days, some require a week, and also others probably a little an ext than that. The doesn’t yes, really matter exactly how long it takes, just give your body the important time to readjust to the brand-new altitude.

If you’re a smoker, consider taking a break from the cigarettes throughout your time in Quito

Take this piece of advice native a previous smoker! If breath at altitude deserve to be an worry for non-smokers, imagine including the smoking habit to the absence of oxygen. No a an excellent feeling my friends!

Drink, drink, drink

And NO, i am no talking around beers! The soroche can cause dehydration sometimes, therefore drink as much water together you can. If you’re emotion nauseous, the ideal thing to carry out is mix some lemonade v ginger, this beverage will aid you to feeling better.

Carbs space welcome

Yep! You check out correctly. Another way to fight altitude sickness is by enjoy it a diet affluent in carbs. I’m not talking around endless chips! The ideal strategy is come eat part light meals the contain carbs and include plenty the fruit and also green vegetables.


There is a medication the helps her body boost oxygen perfusion and also fight the symptoms of altitude sickness. It’s available in Ecuadorian pharmacies under the name of Diamox or Glaucomed. I also recommend keeping some mild pain relievers handy, in situation of headaches. It’s best to protect against sleeping pills in Quito, together they often tend to minimize your breathing rhythm. Don’t forget to consult v your doctor about these medicines prior to traveling to Quito.


Our tips and recommendations

I can include the following added tips for dealing with the Quito Ecuador altitude.

Sleep at a reduced altitude place before getting here in Quito

Soroche is the reaction of her body to a sudden change of altitude in a short an are of time, therefore the best thing you can do is provide your body some time to readjust gradually. Instead of going straight from sea level to Quito, think about visiting some mid-altitude urban in between. This is whereby Wanderbus and its “hop on-hop off” mechanism is your ideal option! Traveling v us supplies you the possibility to slowly work your way up come the greater altitudes via some marvelous destinations! simply think about how practically our system is if you are planning top top visiting Ecuador’s funding city!

Coca leaves

These famous leaves are really popular in the Andean highlands due to the fact that of their capability to reduce the symptom of altitude sickness, among other kinds of discomfort.

In Bolivia, you can easily find coca leaves in the market and will view many civilization chewing them together they go about their day, yet in Quito, they are harder come find. Instead, you might try much more commonly available products such as coca tea or coca candies.

Don’t go higher!

At the very least until your body has had enough time to get used come the altitude! If your setup is rise the Andean mountains in Ecuador, Quito is the finest place to acclimatize for a couple of days prior to moving on come even higher ground. And, if you’ve been in Quito because that over a week and also still feel the impacts of soroche, us recommend you relocate to a reduced altitude location instead.


The equator + altitude + lengthy exposure = serious sunburn!

Please nothing forget to put on a kind amount of sunblock, and also reapply as numerous times as necessary. 

Pay a visit to the doctor

This is not constantly necessary, at least not for everyone. However keep in mind that if you have actually a health condition such together diabetes, cardiorespiratory conditions, lung problems, hypertension, excessive weight or renal insufficiency, the probability of obtaining severe altitude sickness is higher. If you experience from one of these conditions, it’s ideal to check out your doctor prior to your pilgrimage to Quito.

Think one action ahead

Some Andean human being like come recommend: “drink before getting thirsty, eat prior to getting hungry, warm up prior to getting cold, and take some rest before getting exhausted”. This is perhaps the finest piece of advice for your trip to Quito, since the mind works a bit much more slowly at high altitude.

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Don’t stress and enjoy it

Soroche can occur sometimes, however don’t permit it damage your trip! monitor the recommendations and enjoy the beauty, beauty of this charming city.