Key Difference: miss out on American and also Miss USA room two totally different pageants. Miss USA is a beauty beauty pageant, whereas miss America is a scholarship pageant. The main difference in between them, however, is the reality that the winner that the miss out on USA competition gets to go on and also compete in the miss Universe pageant, while miss America walk not.

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Beauty pageants have actually their lovers and also their haters, but the truth remains that beauty pageants have been around for nearly a hundreds years and they room not walking anywhere, anytime soon. Miss America and Miss USA are two such pageants. While plenty of people believe that the two room synonymous, the truth is that miss American and Miss USA room two totally different pageants. An initial and foremost, miss out on USA is a beauty pageant, whereas miss out on America is a scholarship pageant. Because of this miss out on USA is frequently criticized because that focusing much more on beauty, beauty whereas, miss America insurance claims that the is a regime that “exists come provide an individual and professional methods for young females to promote your voices in culture, politics and also the community.” view Gorgeous Vs. Beautiful

While miss America claims to be more focused ~ above intellect, the winners the both competitions get a scholarship. However, miss out on USA gets some included benefits as well, such together one year of totally free rent in trumped Tower on 5th Avenue in new York. This is mainly since the miss USA pageant is own by Donald Trump, the business mogul. Whereas, the winner of miss out on America gets to “travel around 20,000 miles a month, changing her location every 24 come 48 hours. She tours the nation, speaking around topics far-reaching to her and also those affect the united States and the world.” 

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The main difference between them, however, is the fact that the winner the the miss USA competition it s okay to go on and compete in the miss out on Universe pageant, while miss out on America does not. Furthermore, the miss out on America pageant is older than the miss out on USA pageant. In fact, the miss out on USA pageant to be started as soon as Yolande Betbeze, winner that the miss out on America pageant in 1951, refused to pose in swimsuits because that publicity pictures. This resulted in Catalina Swimsuits come pull your sponsorship off the pageant and create the rival miss out on USA and Miss world pageants. See: pretty Vs. Beautiful 

Comparison between Miss America and Miss USA:


Miss America

Miss USA

Started in year




Scholarship pageant

Beauty Pageant

Started by

The Businessmen"s league of Atlantic City to store tourists ~ above the boardwalk after job Day

Catalina Swimsuits together a promotion tool

Owned by

Non-profit organization

Donald trumped (acquired in 1996)

Run by

Miss America Organization

Miss world Organization

Headquartered at

Linwood, new Jersey, USA

New York City, NY, USA


Contestants indigenous the 50 united States, Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico and also the U.S. Virgin Islands.

51 contestants representing each state and Washington, D.C.


Contestants in the miss America device are in between the periods of 17 and also 24.Contestants should be an American citizen.Contestants might not it is in married or pregnant.Contestants must satisfy residency needs for completing in a details town or state.To end up being Miss America, a contestant must very first win a regional competition and then complete to represent her state, a process requiring an individual commitment, hard work and also talent.A mrs may contend at the state level more than once, but may only complete in the national miss America competition one time.Contestants must satisfy character criteria as collection forth by the miss out on America Organization.Contestants need to be in reasonably an excellent health to satisfy the project requirements.Contestants must be able to meet the moment commitment and job duties as collection forth through the local program in which friend compete.Contestants need to be at least 18 years of age and under 27 year of age by February first in the year they expect to compete in the miss out on Universe or miss USA competition.Contestants have to be one American citizen.Contestants might not be married or pregnant. They should not have ever before been married, not had a marriage annulled nor given birth to, or parented, a child. The titleholders are likewise required to remain solitary throughout their reign.Contestants might compete an ext than when in the state competition, however only one every year.


Preliminary competition

Lifestyle and also fitness in a swimsuit: 15 percentEvening wear: 20 percentTalent: 35 percentPrivate interview: 25 percentOnstage question: 5 percent


Final competition

Composite score: 30 percent (top 16)Lifestyle and also fitness in a swimsuit: 20 percent (top 16)Evening wear: 20 percent (top 10)Talent: 30 percent (top eight)Onstage question (top eight)Final ballot: The top five are ranked by the judges, v the total score determining the winner.

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According come Wikipedia, the contemporary pageant is composed of a preliminary competition hosted a week prior to the pageant as soon as all contestants room judged in swimsuit, gown, and interview competitions. Native this, semifinalists room chosen, and also they space announced during the live broadcast of the last competition. These semifinalists then complete in swimsuit and also evening gown, and the finalists space chosen. This finalists then continue to the final question portion of the competition. The runners-up and winner space announced at the finish of the telecast.