Relative Strength and Absolute Strength space both important, no issue what your sport/profession is. The being said, some professions benefit more from family member strength and also others from absolute strength. In this article, we talk about the distinctions in relative vs pure strength. In my following article, ns talk about how to train for family member vs absolute strength.

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What is the difference in between relative and also absolute strength?

Relative stamin (RS): how much weight you deserve to lift, or force that you have the right to apply, contrasted to your body weight.

Absolute stamin (AS): The maximum amount of weight or force that girlfriend can use regardless of her body weight.

Q: So.... Which is much more important?

A: the depends.

Unfortunately, like most of the concerns I acquire asked, ns don"t have a cut-and-dry answer. Whether or RS os as is more important depends on your sport/job requirements.

In many sports, RS is the most essential factor. This is especially true in weight class sports, such together MMA, Olympic lifting, wrestling, etc. You have to be as solid as possible, compared only come your adversary who is in the same weight class.

In other sports, such as Football, absolute toughness is important. A linebacker is permitted to put on as much weight as they can in order come maximize your strength. That doesn"t issue is his/her enemy is smaller sized than they are, it just matters if they deserve to out muscle them.

This conversation becomes more complex in sports where both strength and also agility space important. The is pretty obvious that a defenseman in hockey demands to be strong. But, if they fill on too lot weight, simply for the benefits of strength, lock may become unagile and get win by a smaller, much faster opponent.



When is comes to Law Enforcement both RS and also AS room important. For instance, the doesn"t issue if you space a 5"8" 155lb Athlete/Officer, the situations you deal with are the same as if you were a 6"2" 215lb man. In this case, the RS because that the woman officer have to be much higher. She needs to have the ability to "punch above her load class", so to speak. The masculine officer in this instance may have a reduced Strenght-Weight proportion (i.e. His RS), but his AS will certainly still be higher

Let"s failure an example....

155lb Athlete/Officer

300lb Deadlift = 1.9lb/lb that BW315lb Squat = 2.0lb/lb the BW215lb Bench press = 1.4lb/lb the BW

215lb Athlete/Officer

350lb Deadlift = 1.6lb/lb that BW345lb Squat = 1.6lb/lb that BW300lb Bench push = 1.4/b/lb of BW

In the over example, the 215lb Athlete has a much higher Absolute stamin than the 155lb Athlete, yet the loved one Strength the the 155lb Athlete is much much more impressive. The 155lb Athlete can only Deadlift 300lb, if the 215lb Athlete deserve to DL a complete 50lb more. However, the 155lb Athlete is lifting nearly twice his body weight, contrasted to the more heavier athlete who is only lifting and extra 60% the hish BW.

Depending ~ above the demands of your sport or position, girlfriend will eventually want to discover a balance between Absolute Strength and Relative Strength.

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It will certainly also aid to obtain stronger, yet sometimes it is not worth gaining the extra load to perform so. Tomorrow I will certainly teach you exactly how to enhance your loved one strength and also your pure strength.