Lion vs Tiger: there are numerous differences in between lion and tiger. A list of differences between lion and tiger are provided below:


Lion vs Tiger

Tigers and Lions are the many ferocious pets on the earth. Lock belong come the felidae(cat) family. They are both native the four large cats. These four huge cats are Lion, Tiger, Leopard, and Jaguar. These animals reside on the top of the food chain and don"t have any kind of predators.

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Although Lions and also Tigers both come from the cat family and having the exact same ferocious nature but there are some differences in between them.


Tigers have actually bold, black color stripes throughout their bodies, at the same time lions don"t have any kind of stripes on their bodies. Adult male lions have a large mane around their faces while tigers don"t have mane like lions.

Physical Characteristics:

Tigers space longer, an ext muscular, and also generally heavier in weight than lions, return lions are taller than tigers. Tigers room considered much more active, aggressive and agile than lions, vice versa, lions space lazy in a way, and also will not execute anything uneven they really have to.

Hunting Behavior:

Lions are normally live in groups known as "pride". The masculine lion is the head of the tribe and lives with number of female lions and cubs. The mrs lions carry the prey for the family. They normally hunt their food in group.Tigers like to live and hunt on their own. So you deserve to say that lions are an ext social 보다 tigers. No.Comparison table of contents LionsTigers
1)Comparative SizeThe mean weight of masculine lion is 390 lbs (Asiatic lion) and also 410 lbs because that the african lion.The largest African lion is document weighted 690 lbs.488 lbs is the mean weight that the Bengal tiger and also 389 lbs is the typical weight of Siberian tiger.Male Tiger typical weight: 579 lbs.Female Tiger average weight: 308 lbs.
2)TemperamentThe lion is a society animal and they generally live in group. Tiger is a solitary animal. That is faster, smarter and an ext ferocious 보다 a lion.
3)Coloring The lions have tan tail fur and also dark brown mane. Tigers have the dark yellow or orange color with brown/black strips.
4)Sprinting speed59 miles every hour.37 miles every hour.
5)Litter SizeA woman lion to produce 1 come 2 cubs in ~ one time.A female tiger produce 2 to 4 cubs in ~ one time.
6)Brain sizeThe lions have actually the larger skull however small mind size than tigers Tigers have actually much bigger brains, family member to human body size.
7)Binomial NamePanthera LeoPanthera Tigris
8)Bite ForceThe lions display the reduced bite force than tigers (almost 112). Castle hunt bigger preys in group.The tigers have displayed the higher bite pressure than lions. The bite force readjusted for human body mass allometry (BFQ) for tigers is 127. The tigers have longest and also biggest canines measuring native 7.5 to 10 centimeter probably due to the fact that they hunt bigger preys alone.
9)Sexual Maturity because that cubsIt takes 24-28 month in captivity and also 36-46 months in wild.It take away 22-26 month in captivity and 36-46 month in wild.
10)Body Length2.2 - 3.0 meters.2 - 3.3 meters.
11)Life SpanAverage 12 years because that male and 12-15 years because that female.

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Average 15- 20 years.