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Misusing horse terms is a pet peeve because that many, and I am among them. For example, world often erroneously refer to any type of young equine as a colt. The exact same occurs through filly and also foals, yet different indigenous distinguish between males, females, full-grown/immature, or child horses.

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Young horses are classified by your sex and age into foals, fillies, and colts. Fillies room female equines under four, and colts space male equines under four. A young equine that has actually not yet got to its first birthday is dubbed a foal regardless of gender.

It is a typical misconception the all baby steeds are referred to as colts, yet you shouldn’t usage “colt” as soon as referring to female foals. There are special terms because that young horses and their particular genders, among these words gift “colts.”


Terms supplied to explain young horses.

“Young horses” are typically characterized as animals less than 5 years of age. This young horses have yet to totally develop a tires body, but after 2 years old, they possess the energy, strength, and also curiosity come learn and train.

The five most typical terms offered to explain young steeds are colt, filly, foal, yearling, and weanling.

ColtMaleFour Years and also youngerNot castrated
FillyFemaleFour Years and also younger
FoalEither sexLess 보다 one-year-old
WeanlingEither sexTypically between 4-7 monthsStopped suck milk
YearlingEither sexBetween 1 and 2 year old

The differences between a filly and also a colt.

Horses have various names relying on their gender. A young mrs horse, four years old or younger, is called a “filly.” In contrast, young uncastrated male equines that haven’t got to their 5th birthday are referred to as Colts.

A foal have the right to be described as a filly foal or colt foal. The same is true because that weanlings, friend can contact them weanling filly or weanling colt, and when it’s a yearling, it will certainly be a yearling filly or colt.

When you should use “colt” to describe a horse.

A male steed is described by various terms relying on its certain stage of life. Once born, lock are dubbed foals or foal “colt.” I also hear world refer to young colts as stud colts.

Colt is the exactly word to use for a young male steed under four, other than if it’s to be castrated, climate the proper term to describe the horse is “gelding.” Male horses over four are called horses, stallions, or studs.


Colts in equine racing

In equine racing forms, a masculine racehorse between two and also four years old is provided as a colt uneven castrated; then, it is noted as a gelding. Once it get five, it is detailed in the racing forms as a horse.

In the photograph above, the steeds are listed by color, gender, and also age. Number 4 is a 5-year-old just horse, and also Number 5 is a 4 yr. Old chestnut gelding

Origin of the word “colt.”

The native “colt” to explain horses have the right to be traced come Old Englishcolt“a young horse,” additionally “young ass.,” In some bible translations, it is additionally used for “young camel.”

There are countless other possibilities of the etymology of the word colt. For example, “colt” might have derived from Proto-Germanic*kultaz or the sweden word Kult meaning “young boar, piglet; boy,” to Danish’s usage of kuld as a descriptor because that young or inexperienced people from early on 13c.

What does colt typical in slang?

While you deserve to use words colt to define a young inexperienced male, it’s much more commonly linked with explicate an arrogant man that struts around.

When you have to use “filly” to describe a horse.

“Filly” is the word for young woman horses; an ext specifically, it’s a female steed under five years old. As soon as a filly get maturity at five, she will be called a mare.

Newborn females may be referred to as filly foals, and as they age, weanling fillies and yearling fillies. This combinations administer their gender and stage in life. A yearling filly is a female horse that hasn’t got to her second birthday, and also a weanling filly is a young female equine no much longer suckling.

Origin of the word “filly.”

The indigenous originates from the Old norse fylja, which means “to follow.” It’s thought that it to be originally provided to define an pet in its an initial year the life that would very closely follow its mother as she grazed ~ above the land and also led other animals ago into her care if castle wandered off.


Fillies in steed racing

In gyeongju forms, fillies are female horses 4 years old and also younger. Many races are restricted to fillies and also mares. I recently bought a three-year-old filly, and also she is running her second race this month. The race is a maiden claiming minimal to fillies and also mares.

What go filly in slang mean?

The hatchet “filly” dates back to the 18th century as soon as it was supplied as a synonym because that a mischievous son or young woman with fast wit and also energy. Over time, this sense of the word has actually fallen the end of usage due to its sexist implications.

However, if you’re searching for a word that still records the attributes of good-looking young women with fast wit fillies, work!

Correct use of foal to define a horse.

Foals are baby steeds less 보다 one year old. A foal i do not care a yearling once it turns one. Masculine foals deserve to be referred to as colts, and females can be fillies. As soon as a pregnant mare has actually her baby, you say she’s foaling.

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Origin of the word “foal.”

The indigenous “foal” comes from Old English, Fola an interpretation small or little. That is also related to other terms such as Vulon in Dutch, which way baby or child.