The way a necklace attaches is not as directly forward as you would certainly think. There are actually a ton of different clasps to attach your jewelry. Right here are 13 different species of necklace clasps. Each has actually its different features to fit different specific needs. How might there probably be the many? check out on to uncover out.



Characterized by having two various pieces: a “T” shape on one end and also an open shape (most that the time, circle). The is often used on heavy jewelry, a toggle clasp is perfect if you desire to add a sleek delicacy to your piece. This type of clasp come in a variety of sizes and also there space some through embellishments (perfect for the artsy types). Below is among our ideal selling jenny bird necklaces that has actually a Toggle Clasp - take a watch at all the Toggle Clasps



True come its name, the clasp includes magnets which attract one another and also snap together to for sure the necklace in place. It come in a range of layouts (some also have rhinestones in it), sizes, and also shapes that will surely suit your needs. Our designer Dafne is recognized for her signature magnetic clasps. - take it a look at at every the Magnetic Clasps



S hook clasps are amongst the oldest types of necklace clasps. Its surname come from its kind - a an easy “S” form that is designed to attach one end of a jewelry piece to the other end.- take a watch at all the Hook Clasps



If you’re in search of a clasp come be used in lightweight necklaces, you may want to think about box clasp. It has actually a tab which is placed into a box. It come in a range of styles, one of which is a crate clasp with security chains which helps avoid the tab indigenous pulling out resulting in jewelry come drop off. - take it a look in ~ all package Clasps



Resembling lobsters’ claws, lobster clasps space spring loaded and also self-closing. The lobster clasp comes in various sizes and also styles, including a swivel style that enables the clasp to revolve 360 degrees. It is likewise a very popular selection for day-to-day jewelry. Below is a Jules blacksmith necklace the we have actually on revenue that has a lobster clasp. - take it a look at at all the Lobster claw Clasps



One that the much more popular clasps, spring-loaded clasp are supplied with a chain tab to finish a clasp. You have a wide range of size to pick from - from straightforward single-strand come more complicated multi-strand designs. - take a look at at every the spring Ring Clasps


Comes v a collection of tubes, among which comes from the surname itself “slides” inside the other to secure jewel in place. It come in various styles, among which is the bar format multi-strand clasps that deserve to hold a big number that strands the chain, thread, beading wire, and also the like. - take it a look at all the on slide Lock Clasps



Screw clasps are characterized by a threaded screw closure the looks prefer a bead that is similar to a barrel clasp. It likewise comes in a wide selection of sizes. - take it a look at all the Screw Clasps



Button Toggle Clasps come with a loop that cord, as well as a collection of suitable buttons. In order to close the clasp, the cord of animal leather is supplied to loop around the various other button. - take it a look at every the switch Toggle Clasps



Crimping Clasps room clasps that space crimped on ends of beading wires or cords. Hook-and-eye clasps, lobster claw clasps and magnetic clasps can be taken into consideration crimping clasps. - take a look at at every the crimping clasps



If you are searching for a necklace clasp that space low profile and also won’t tangle on her hair or clothes, snap and also button clasps are perfect because that you. It has a hinged clasp the folds and locks v a snap. - take a watch at all the snap and also button clasps



Like a barrel, barrel clasps are made the two metal pieces that screw together to close - each part is attached come one end of the jewelry piece. A functional clasp - it comes in numerous shapes and finishes. - take it a look at at all the Barrel Clasps

Who knew there to be that countless different necklace clasps? If you space thinking about making your jewelry you might be interested in how to choose the specific clasp. Now it’s time come treat yourself and also shop.

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