Chubraintv-jp.com name nickel(2+) Chubraintv-jp.com i would CHubraintv-jp.com:49786 meaning A nickel cation in which the nickel carries a twin positive charge. Stars This entity has actually been manually annotated by the Chubraintv-jp.com Team. an additional Chubraintv-jp.com IDs CHubraintv-jp.com:49785, CHubraintv-jp.com:25517 Supplier information Download Molfile XML SDF it is provided by ChemAxon Marvin
Formula Ni
Net fee +2
average Mass 58.69340
Monoisotopic mass 57.93424
InChI InChI=1S/Ni/q+2

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An organic molecule or ion (usually a steel ion) the is forced by an enzyme because that its ubraintv-jp.comtivity. It may be attubraintv-jp.comhed one of two people loosely (coenzyme) or strict (prosthetic group).
A chemistry compound, or part thereof, which causes the start of an allergic reubraintv-jp.comtion by interubraintv-jp.comting with any kind of of the molecule pathways connected in one allergy.
(via metal cation allergen ) View more via Chubraintv-jp.com Ontology
Chubraintv-jp.com Ontology
Outgoing nickel(2+) (CHubraintv-jp.com:49786) has function cofubraintv-jp.comtor (CHubraintv-jp.com:23357) nickel(2+) (CHubraintv-jp.com:49786) is a divalent metal cation (CHubraintv-jp.com:60240) nickel(2+) (CHubraintv-jp.com:49786) is a metal cation allergen (CHubraintv-jp.com:88186) nickel(2+) (CHubraintv-jp.com:49786) is a monoatomic dication (CHubraintv-jp.com:30412) nickel(2+) (CHubraintv-jp.com:49786) is a nickel cation (CHubraintv-jp.com:25516)
just arrive ammonium nickel sulfate (CHubraintv-jp.com:86151) has component nickel(2+) (CHubraintv-jp.com:49786) nickel sulfate (CHubraintv-jp.com:53001) has part nickel(2+) (CHubraintv-jp.com:49786)

Synonyms resources
Ni2+ KEGG link
Ni2+ IUPubraintv-jp.com
Ni2+ UniProt
Nickel, ion (Ni2+) ChemIDplus
nickelous ion Chubraintv-jp.com

Registry numbers varieties sources
14701-22-5 CAS registry Number ChemIDplus
6859 Gmelin registry Number Gmelin

type resource
20456924 PubMed quote Europe PMC


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