This is my first question and also I am simply a 14 year old for this reason excuse me because that my mistakes. Please leveling your answer a little only. Utilizing terms thinking I won"t recognize is a mistake.

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We think that over there exist something referred to as an electromagnetic field, this is one invisible interaction, as with gravity that pulls friend down, the electromagnetic ar is a force that acts on magnetic matter and electric charged matter.

The photon is an excitation the this field. Think about it this way if the electric field to be a big sheet of cloth, the photon is the waves that occur on the surface. The electron can produce photons because the electron is electrically fee so the can produce an electric field about it, and also if the electron moves conveniently or oscillates, it will certainly radiate this waves (photon), just like if you take it one component of the towel sheet and move it quickly or move it Up and also down, you"ll check out a wave going out of the location where you relocate it.

I tried to be really brief but please asking me for an ext clarification if needed.

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A simple picture:

From timeless electromagnetism we understand that an sped up charge radiates electromagnetic waves.

One of the reasons we arrived at the quantum mechanical model of the atom is because, classically, one electron rotating roughly a hopeful charge, due to the fact that of the radial acceleration would certainly radiate a continuous spectrum until it dropped on the optimistic charge and also neutralized it. This evidently did no happen due to the fact that atoms, as the easiest one, the hydrogen atom, exist and are stable.

When one electron fell onto a proton to type hydrogen, monitorings showed a details energy spectrum was radiated


Balmer series

which can be it is in fitted v mathematical series , at discrete frequencies.

This led to the Bohr design of the atom, wherein to explain the series, it was postulated the there exist orbits of the electron that were steady unless they to be excited through an just arrive radiation, and the lines checked out were transitions in between orbits.

At the same time, Planck postulated the photons, discrete corpuscle which gathered light through frequency h*nu, to explain black human body radiation.

The discovery that the Shrodinger equation could give solutions for the hydrogen atom electrical potentials and they equipment the hydrogen spectrum, tied the whole thing up.

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Photons are the quantum the the electromagnetic spectrum, and also they are absorbed or radiated in interactions through atoms since the atom is mainly organized together by an electrical potential, which offers quantized energy levels , and also not the continuous of classic theory which had actually no photons.