Concept of fountain will aid us come express various fractional components of a whole.

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When an write-up or a repertoire of objects is split intotwo equal parts is referred to as as half of the whole. Us express one fifty percent by thesymbol 1/2.


For example, mean the cake is cut into two equal parts. Each part is called one half of the cake. We create one-half together 1/2.





When we divide a totality or a group into 3 equal parts, each component is called one-third of the totality or a group. Us express one 3rd by the price 1/3.


For example, mean the biscuit is cut into three equal parts. Each component is called one 3rd of the biscuit. We compose one-third together 1/3


Look in ~ the figures below and find the end how many equal parts are there? We discover that in every of the following figures the whole is separated into 3 equal parts.

When an item is split into three equal parts, each component is called one-third that the object. That is written as (frac13). It is check out as one-third.

One-third the a Collection:

One Fourth

When we division a whole or a team into 4 equal parts,each part is referred to as as one 4th of the entirety or the group. Us express onefourth through the prize ¼

For example, mean the pizza is reduced into four equal parts. Each component is one-fourth or one-quarter of the pizza. We create one-fourth as ¼.

There are four members in Michael"s family. Michael divides a pizza right into 4 equal parts and also each one of them gets same share. Once a whole is separated into 4 same parts, and each component is dubbed one-quarter.

      One-quarter is one of 4 equal parts.

      that is composed as (frac14).

      the is read as one-quarter or one-fourth.


When we division a entirety or a team into three equal parts,two parts an unified together stand for two thirds. Us express two thirds by thesymbol 2/3.



When we divide a whole or a group into 4 equal parts,three parts linked together stand for three fourths. Us express 3 fourthsby the price 3/4.      


Note: The prize 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 2/3, 2/4, etc. Arecalled fractions.

Fractions (third)

1/3 speak 1 component out the 3 same parts.

2/3 speak 2 parts out the 3 equal parts. 

3/3 tells 3 parts out the 3 equal parts.

1/4 speak 1 component out of 4 equal parts.

2/4 tells 2 components out of 4 equal parts.

3/4 speak 3 parts out of 4 same parts.

4/4 tells 4 components out of 4 equal parts.

The simple concept the fractions are explained over along v the pictures.

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