(Record Producer, Music Executive, Entrepreneur and also Businessman)

Jimmy Iovine is the Chairman of universal Music Group"s Interscope Geffen A&M documents unit. Jimmy is married and has four kids.

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68 year 7 months
March 11, 1953
Jimmy Iovine
Brooklyn, new York, U.S.
$950 million
5 feet 5 customs (1.65m)
Record Producer, Music Executive, Entrepreneur and Businessman
James Iovine, Sr.
Bishop Ford main Catholic High School
Light Brown
Sea Green
Cancer, Scorpio
September, 2021
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I didn"t have any kind of sophistication. I didn"t really have actually any good taste or anything prefer that. I was just a boy from Brooklyn. Yet what ns learned is the why, the how. The work ethic.

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