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Cole Sprouse has actually American parents. Phillip Faraone/Getty photos back he grew up in the US, Sprouse was actually born in Arezzo, Tuscany, in Italy on respectable 4, 1992.

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Per, his American parents, Melanie Wright and Matthew Sprouse, were in Italy to teach English at the moment he and also his brother were born.


The brothers starred top top \"The Suite Life of Zack and Cody\" with each other years ago. George Pimentel/Getty

As numerous fans know, Cole has an identical twin brother called Dylan.

According come a tweet Cole sent out in 2015, Dylan to be born 15 minutes before him.


Nat King Cole is a jazz legend. AP picture

According come a 2007 interview with Parade, Sprouse was named after jazz singer Nat King Cole. Every the interview, his twin likewise has an artist-inspired moniker — the was called after the famous Welsh poet and writer Dylan Thomas.


Sprouse and his brother have been acting for years. Sony photos

Sprouse started out as a an extremely young actor and also he an initial began appearing on TV shows as early on as 1993.In a now-deleted audio clip he posted on Tumblr a couple of years ago, he defined that he obtained into acting due to the fact that of his mom.

\"My brother and also I to be put right into acting once we to be 8 month old by ours mother since we necessary money. I never ever made the decision to sign up with the art or exhilaration specifically. And so it was never ever really mine passion,\" Sprouse stated in the post. \"To it is in honest, if she never thrust me into it, I probably never would have actually thought of it as a career selection for myself.\"

Cole Sprouse together Ben on \"Friends.\" NBC

When they began acting, Cole and also Dylan used being similar twins to their benefit by playing the same role — this is renowned in Hollywood because of strict child-actor rules that limit exactly how long a kid have the right to film.

You could recognize him and also Dylan together the son in the movie \"Big Daddy\" or as Ross\"s kid Ben on \"Friends.\"

The pair filmed together a couple of times. Warner Bros. Television

Even the youngest gibbs on collection wasn\"t immune come Aniston\"s charms throughout \"Friends.\"

In a 2017 interview through the brand-new York Post, Sprouse said, \"I had a really, really hard time working v Aniston because I was so in love with her. I was infatuated. Ns was speechless — I\"d get all bubbly and also forget my lines and totally blank … it to be so difficult.\"

Dylan Sprouse (left) and also Cole Sprouse (right) top top Disney's \"The Suite Life top top Deck.\" Disney Channel

His duties on the Disney Channel may have actually catapulted Cole into stardom, yet it wasn\"t always easy. End a decade ago, he and his pair starred top top Disney\"s \"The Suite Life of Zack and Cody\" and \"The Suite Life top top Deck.\"

In 2016, speak of his Disney past, he told entertain Weekly, \"There to be a emotion of machination; i felt favor an automaton. I required to take a break and also step exterior myself … I required a dose of reality and I necessary to see myself in a more objective point of view. And also now i think I deserve to enjoy , which is a really basic part about being one actor.\"

Cole Sprouse (left) and also Dylan Sprouse (right) ~ above \"The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.\" Disney Channel

Despite the reality that Sprouse claimed he feeling like part of a an equipment at Disney, he\"s happy he to be a child actor.

\"I don\"t regret anything about my younger career, mainly since we to be children and didn\"t have too much power, but additionally because it provided us the privilege to be whereby we are now,\" that told Hunger newspaper in 2017.

He likewise said that working as a child \"eased a most the burdens that world live with day-to-day.\"

He said he didn't desire to finish up rebelling. Mike Coppola/Getty pictures for entertainment Weekly

After enjoying huge success on the Disney-Channel display \"The Suite Life that Zack and Cody\" (2005 - 2008) and also \"The Suite Life ~ above Deck\" (2008 - 2011), both Cole and also Dylan made decision to take it a rest from acting.

The 2 enrolled in university at brand-new York University and Cole stated his goal was to \"fade the end peacefully.\"

In a 2017 interview through Women\"s undertake Daily, that explained, \"It\"s no brand-new narrative to say that when people get out of son stardom, they frequently times rebel in really serious ways. Ns didn\"t want to make the public spectacle. So part of the reason I visited college was the I wanted to fade out peacefully, present everybody I had gone through something the was quite an overwhelming and difficult, yet did so with grace and poise and got one education.\"

He said his grand was a geologist. Stefanie Keenan/Getty

In a now-deleted audio write-up from his Tumblr, Sprouse said he learned archaeology in college and was really invested in the subject — that was even the chairman of the secret archaeology club.

In 2019 that told the LA Times that he learned archaeology, geographic information systems, and also satellite imaging. He stated he was interested in these topics because his grand was a geologist and the fields seemed \"competitive and also challenging.\"

During a \"73 Questions\" interview with Vogue in 2021, Sprouse said he functioned on an archeological website after college and found \"an old ceramic theatrical mask of Dionysus in Bulgaria.

He also said the he sees himself returning to the ar \"eventually.\"

The two accepted each other's diplomas. Kevin Winter/Getty

Ever wondered if the famous brothers ever use their the same twin looks to trick others? The answer is yes.

In 2015 castle told teen Vogue that they switched places throughout their college graduation. Together Cole told the publication, \" actually got each other\"s diplomas.\"

Cole Sprouse enjoys photography. Vivien Killilea/Getty photos for SiriusXM

Sprouse has collected quite a portfolio of his photography and also much of that is on his Instagram account. It\"s a little of a career because that him — he\"s already worked with large names like Elle magazine and Adidas — yet it\"s also his hobby.

\"It to be depression the drove me to do it. That\"s the actual truth. It was depression that led me to the camera. That heals friend know, a hobby. There\"s no bandaid prefer a hobby,\" he wrote around photography on an Instagram article in 2016.

He's been posting top top it because that years. Instagram

The Sprouse pair is pretty active on social media — his various other Instagram account is called
Camera_Duels. It\"s filled through photos of fans trying to take sneaky images of him combine with an extensive and feeling captions relenten the situation.

In 2017 he told Elle magazine he do the account after ~ noticing also many civilization trying come sneak photos of him.

\"I would always be dissatisfied that people wouldn\"t just ask, since I constantly say yes. For this reason
camera_duels was born. It to be a means of coping or trying to rotate it about in mine favor and give me more agency in a situation,\" he told the publication.

\"Up.\" Pixar

In 2019, Sprouse said Glamour the the Pixar movie \"Up\" (2009) always makes him cry, saying, \"The first 10 minutes of \"Up\" is seriously among the biggest romances ever. It simply really pulls on your heartstrings.\"

He claimed he also thinks \"Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind\" (2004) is beautiful and also it \"never stops working to make cry.\"

Cole Sprouse in \"Riverdale.\" The CW

After trying come \"fade out\" during college, Sprouse wasn\"t certain if he want to go back to acting, also after he to be approached around filming \"Riverdale.\"

In 2017 that told Women\"s stay Daily, \"At very first when I got the manuscript for the \"Archie\" show, i was automatically turned off. But in more recent years, \"Archie\" comics have actually tried to stray away from the \"Golly, shucks Arch, let\"s go to the amount say hop\" thing.\"

Archie and also Jughead are really different characters. Bettina Strauss/The CW

Per that same interview v Women\"s undertake Daily, Sprouse stated he was initially asked to review for the part of Archie instead of Jughead.

But Sprouse said he felt more of a connection with Jughead, explaining, \"He\"s really much an outsider. He has a pretty distinctive perspective because he\"s see the town and the friendship and the friendships the are forming from a an ext objective allude of view.\"

Lili Reinhart and also Cole Sprouse are a couple. Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

Sprouse was in an on-again, off-again connection with his \"Riverdale\" costar, Lili Reinhart, for several years.

In 2019, the told Glamour newspaper the most romantic point he\"s ever done was take a road expedition with Reinhart to Canada.

\"I surprised her with a big hot-air-balloon adventure, i m sorry was rather a bit of fun. I prefer traveling quite a bit. I favor road-tripping. Those grand experiences always end increase yielding the best memories — and the best romances,\" that told the publication.

The movie aired years ago. Warner Bros.

In 2019, Sprouse told Glamour magazine the his favorite movie couple is Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart indigenous \"Casablanca\" (1942).

\"I was constantly rooting because that them but, in the end, it doesn\"t really job-related out,\" the explained.

Cole Sprouse (left) and Dylan Sprouse (right). Donald Bowers/Getty photos for 2014 Tribeca film Festival

If you\"re wait to see an on-screen reunion that Cole and Dylan ~ above \"Riverdale,\" don\"t host your breath.

In 2017, when asked if Dylan might appear on the show, Cole called E! News, \"That to me is additionally one that those things that, one, I\"m hard-pressed come think Dylan would ever before say \"yes\" to and also that ns would ever approve of; and also two, the wouldn\"t rest fourth wall.\"

He stated he thinks it would certainly be strange for the plot the the display if Dylan came on together a random similar twin come Jughead.

Cole Sprouse is currently acting on a collection based ~ above a comic book. late Night v Seth Meyers/YouTube

During a 2017 interview ~ above \"Late Night with Seth Meyers,\" Sprouse claimed he\"s a huge fan of comics and also when he was younger he worked at a comic-book store in California called Meltdown Comics.

Funny enough, the actor finished up ~ above \"Riverdale,\" a collection based on the \"Archie\" comic books.

During his 2021 Vogue interview, Sprouse said, \"My favorite comic is more of a graphics novel dubbed \"Black Hole.\"\"

In addition to the Charles Burns novel, the actor has actually a number of old \"Incredible Hulk\" and \"Fantastic Four\" comics. Yet his many precious comic is \"Avengers #500.\"

Cole Sprouse top top \"The Suite Life that Zack and Cody.\" Disney Channel

During the 2021 interview v Vogue, Sprouse stated that that rewatches episodes of his Disney Channel display when he\"s \"drunk or emotion really narcissistic.\"

But the added, \"I don\"t really prefer to clock anything that ns do, for this reason I try to stay away indigenous it.\"

Cole and also Dylan Sprouse top top \"The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.\" Disney Channel

In the exact same 2021 Vogue interview, Sprouse claimed his favorite memory from his time together a kid star was as soon as the totality crew of \"The Suite Life\" aided him memory his middle-school graduation.

\"When i graduated middle school, the crew threw a large graduation – i cried on screen. And also you recognize what? ns think it\"s on video clip somewhere …\" that said.

Cole Sprouse and also Adam Sandler in \"Big Daddy.\" The Sprouse twins common the duty of TK the opposite Adam Sandler (right) in \"Big Daddy.\"

When asked who his mentors room in his 2021 Vogue interview, Sprouse said, as a kid, it was Adam Sandler, that he starred in \"Big Daddy\" (1999) with.

\"It was the way that he was always in love v production. And he worked with his friends and also his family and also was tho able to turn and also do much more independent films and also artistic movies while balancing commercialism,\" he said.

Cole Sprouse top top \"The Suite Life.\" Disney Channel

During his 2021 Vogue interview, Sprouse stated his favorite duty he\"s ever played is Cody Martin.

\"I recognize it sounds cheesy, i still have a really deep fondness because that \"The Suite Life,\"\" he said.

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But the function that challenged him the many as a son was in \"Big Daddy.\"

\"It was this vast production, and I was 6, and I obtained to see new York City because that the very first time,\" that said.