an ideal for all varieties of feet, our insoles have actually custom arch support to relax pain and foot fatigue.

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Buying the right shoe because that the broad of her feet is incredibly vital if you desire a comfortable fit. Shoes widths are damaged up into the following categories:

Women"s Shoe width Chart

SizeA (narrow)B (medium)C/D (wide)E (extra wide)

Men"s Shoe broad Chart

SizeC (narrow)D (medium)E (wide)


Since over there is no typical width system used by manufacturers to measure the to the right of narrow, average and also wide, the best way to get precise measurement is come use our Foot.Science app, obtainable for complimentary on iOS and Android.

Most sports brands lug the full selection of the widths and also this is helped along through the fact that sport shoes usually have fastenings that enable for adjustability.


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It’s important to point out that often, as soon as a shoe is as well tight ~ above the arch, it’s not a size-up the is needed but a broader fit. The best means to call if you’ve got the appropriate width installation is when the edges of her foot meet and also align flush v the edges of the footbed, no narrower and also not overlapping (in the instance of a sandal). The heel must sit snugly in the hoe cup and the general feel there is no lacing up or fastening it must be comfortable without being restrictive.


Most orthopaedic/medical footwear brands have tendency to run broader than the average commercial shoe. But let’s face it, the aesthetics are fairly bland top top the bulk of those available. If you have broader than median feet, the is worth taking the time and finding the perfect pair quite than settling because that a format that will certainly only offer you minimal longevity or wearability since it doesn’t go with much in your closet.

When shopping in ~ speciality wellness footwear stores, you can request shoes with extra depth, these are valuable when your forced size and width still feel a little tight throughout the instep.

Here room some tips on buying pair of shoes for your foot width:

Narrow feet: One way of ensuring to the right is come buy shoes the lace up or have an ankle/ T-bar strap, these can be fastened fairly snugly come ensure a better fit, they also compliment small feet through emphasizing the curve of the arch. Loafer style shoes with a piece of leather the stretches upward over the arch of your foot works well too because that keeps the shoe on the foot with minimal effort. Buying a half-size smaller sized won’t really aid as the will finish up pinching her toes. Fairly buy your actual size and also insert an orthopedic insole to make the shoe somewhat smaller sized on the inside.

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Medium feet: Well, you in luck because pretty much any kind of kind the shoe works as tool feet space by default that typical that manufacturers job-related with. 

Wide feet: This is by much the most difficult kind that feet to find shoes for, that room comfortable however don’t watch matronly or boat-like. Quick of always wearing sneakers which are always the first go-to for super vast feet, there room brands that many recently have started offering ultra-wide options. Clarks, Merrell, Keen amongst other brands providing sizes that run really wide. Barefoot shoes are additionally a an excellent idea together they really mimic the shape of your foot. The just drawback with wearing barefoot pair of shoes on wide feet is that most world who have more comprehensive feet have tendency to wear the end their shoes faster, for this reason the lifespan of this shoes will certainly be limited. Really level shoes are not the ideal buying option for broad feet together they will they market no assistance for the foot. As with narrow feet, the choice of self adjusting closures make for a much more comfortable fit.