So, you’re creating a story? What kind of story? No, nothing unreel the plot for me. Provide some context for the narrative format by telling me what your design is for her tale. This is not about genre, despite there might be some overlap; that all around the form. Choose from one or more of this words denoting the storytelling technique:

1. Account: a retelling of an event or series of events, occasionally with a connotation of bias or at least subjectivity

2. Anecdote: a short, entertaining story, often involving the human telling it

3. Allegory: a story the expresses ideas about human nature with the actions of stock characters undergoing challenges

4. Annals: historical records that events, typically without spatu annotation

5. Bedtime story: a story check out or recited to children before they go to sleep, or anything resembling one at challenge value or ironically

6. Bildungsroman (German: “education novel”): a novel that charts the lead character’s psychological development

7. Chronicle (see annals)

8. Exemplum: one anecdote or comparable story intended to carry out a moral or argue a point

9. Fable: a story with superordinary or imaginary aspects (such as anthropomorphic animals), frequently to do an observation around human nature

10. Fairy tale: a story through improbable elements including magic, often incorporating together formulas as a quest, a granting of 3 wishes, and also triumph over evil forces

11. Folktale: a tale initially passed down orally special vague, universal story aspects

12. Legend: a story far-reaching to a society and originally passed under as if it had actually occurred

13. Myth: a putatively factual account native the remote past the figuratively explains a social phenomenon

14. Narrative: a relationship of factual or fictitious events

15. Novel: a long, complex story special an assortment of characters experiencing a collection of events

16. Novelette: a brief novel


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Novella (see novelette)

18. Parable: a brief tale that a spiritual or ethical principle

19: Record: (see annals)

20: Roman a clef (French, “novel through a key”): a story with thinly disguised version of actual characters and also events

21: Short story: a tale much shorter than a novel, special relatively few characters and focusing less on plot 보다 on atmosphere

22: Short quick story: an especially brief story

23: Tall tale: a story intended come entertain v the arrival of exaggerated elements

24: Urban legend/urban myth: a moral enable or sensational story presented and widely perceived as fact

25: Yarn: a story that is adventurous or humorous or both, and perhaps is a tall tale (see “tall tale,” above)

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