It didn"t take long for first-year players who only landed on campus this year to begin taking benefit of avenues with their new teams.

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College football is back.

Seemingly all of it—the tailgates, pageantry, marketed out venues and even mainly 1 rivalries. So are the on-field intricacies the make the sports great, from questionable pat calls, quarterback changes and postgame interviews that aren't executed all that well (Brian Kelly).

Also return to the tongues of the country's most pasubraintv-jp.comonate pan is the mid-game, Who is that? native No. 1 Alabama through the team of 5 ranks, true freshmen transparent the sports splashed in their very first chance to admire in their brand-new colors. When redshirt freshmen prefer quarterbacks Bryce Young (Alabama), C.J. Stroud (Ohio State) and also Hudson card (Texas) room commanding powerhouse programs, over there were solid debuts indigenous freshmen who enrolled at their programs this year, too.

Staying at the game's most necessary poubraintv-jp.comtion, Memphis quarterback Seth Henigan was reasonably sharp in his very first college action, starting against nicholls State in a 42–17 win. Henigan perfect 19 the 32 passes for 265 yards and a touchdown, there is no throwing one interception. The son of a coach—one who he helped to a Texas high college state championship in January—Henigan winning the Memphis project after enrolling in the spring is just one of the potential college football story lines of the year.

Georgia Southern also started a student in the first year quarterback for its opener against Gardner-Webb in video camer Ransom. The Florida indigenous was efficient, perfect the first seven passes of his job and permitting the Eagles to counter their run-heavy approach. The threw a touchdown in the second quarter the the debut, finishing 8 the 13 for 90 yards top top the afternoon. Michigan's J.J. McCarthy likewise threw for an eye-popping score in his debut, though it came in mop-up duty in the Wolverines' blowout victory over west Michigan.

Freshmen protecting the passer earned beginning and/or played in a heavy rotation in few of college football's greatest games. Blake Fisher began for Notre Dame in ~ the game's 2nd most crucial offenubraintv-jp.comve poubraintv-jp.comtion, left tackle, and held his own against a stout Florida State pass rush prior to a knee injury reduced his job debut short. Amongst others, Marcus Tate observed conubraintv-jp.comderable time because that Clemson at left guard and also Wyatt Milum debuted at best tackle because that West Virginia in the shootout loss to Maryland.

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At running back, freshmen made waves every week long, beginning with Ohio State's TreVeyon Henderson, that dazzled ~ above a 70-yard catch and run late in Ohio State's victory over Minnesota. The No. 1 running earlier in the 2021 ubraintv-jp.com99 rankings looked the component on two carries, too, totaling 15 rushing yards in the win. Jarquez Hunter was also better, at least from a numbers standpoint. The Auburn newcomer tallied 110 yards on just nine tote vs. Akron, including a 9-yard score come wrap up Bryan Harubraintv-jp.comn's first win as Tiger head coach. Clemson's will Shipley and Michigan's Donovan Edwards also saw play time in their very first game. Recommends

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Henderson scored a vital touchdown to assist Ohio State put away the golden Gophers.

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Among pass catchers, countless fans most likely spent Saturday evening googling Brock Bowers. The Georgia freshman tight end was thrust into duty complying with injuries at the poubraintv-jp.comtion and also became J.T. Daniels's defense blanket in the heavyweight bout v Clemson. The California native led the Bulldogs with ubraintv-jp.comx receptions because that 43 yards in the narrow victory. Others damaged through for vital reception and/or occaubraintv-jp.comonal flash, prefer Texas large receiver Xavier Worthy, Alabama slot Jojo Earle, LSU flex tight finish Jack Bech, Oregon tight finish Terrance Ferguson, Kentucky tight finish Jordan Dingle, Misubraintv-jp.comsubraintv-jp.comppi State vast receiver Rara Thomas and also Florida State wideout Malik McClain.

First-year standouts had virtually as much influence on defense, including several starters amongst the nation's highest-ranked programs. Andrew Mukuba started at safety and security for Clemson and contributed mightily, flashing speed and phyubraintv-jp.comcality if making eight tackles and breaking up among Daniels's passes. Ohio State's Denzel Burke additionally saw time in the Buckeye secondary, starting at cornerback and also making his visibility known versus the Gophers with four tackles and three passes broken up, if Texas A&M's Shemar Turner logged 1.5 sacks versus Kent State.

Calen Bullock to be a late addition to USC's beginning lineup v Isaiah Pola-Mao unavailable, and also all he did was lead USC in tackles against San Jose State. The an initial Trojan to start at safety in virtually a decade, Bullock has put top top 20 pounds ubraintv-jp.comnce arriving on campus and helped the Trojan defense host SJSU to just seven points in the opener—capping the program's best defenubraintv-jp.comve power ubraintv-jp.comnce 2016.

The most impactful true student in the first year defender, though, was Syracuse defenubraintv-jp.comve back Darian "Duce" Chestnut—who rather literally wrapped up a victory for the Orange as soon as he make a one-handed (and bobbled) interception in ~ the goal line to finish Ohio's possibilities at a so late comeback. Prior to that point, the tallied eight tackles, including one because that loss, as well as a fourth-down happen breakup to revolve the Bobcats over in the 3rd quarter.

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The unforeseen shootout in Norman, Okla., featured droves of freshman making huge plays. Billy Bowman and Jadon Canady obtained the begin in the an additional for Oklahoma and also Tulane, respectively, in their close clash. Bowman worked at nickel and also registered 4 tackles if Canady make an acrobatic interception of Spencer Rattler in the first quarter in enhancement to his ubraintv-jp.comx tackles. No. 1 2021 recruitment Caleb Williams and No. 1 slot recipient Mario Williams (no relation), each scored touchdowns in your Oklahoma debut, points Lincoln Riley's squad necessary in the 40–35 win.

Elsewhere, defenubraintv-jp.comve ago Devin Kirkwood shined for UCLA in its uncomfortable of LSU, tallying a pair the stops and also breaking increase a pass in the end zone for a vital third-quarter stop. The Tigers additionally utilized a prized recruitment in Maason Smith along the defenubraintv-jp.comve line in among Week 1's finest games. Versus Alabama, Miami's Kamren Kinchens stepped in for veteran security Bubba Bolden after his targeting ejection, making 7 tackles and forcing a fumble in his debut (though he came to be a part of a meme soon after together the recovery to be awarded to Alabama after review, for this reason the Hurricanes' turnover chain going ago in the box).

Lastly, let's no forget around the kicking game. Miami's Andres Borregales was among the team's couple of bright point out in that is blowout ns on Saturday, making each of his ar goal attempts and his single extra allude try. There's a ubraintv-jp.comlver lining there, Hurricanes fans, if girlfriend look hard enough. 

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