Regular pieces in average grades can be worth $2 as much.

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Certain ranges in high qualities (MS67, MS68), Proofs, Uncirculated (MS+) or Mint problem can be Worth until $6,463 (see Susan B. Anthony 1979-P “Wide Rim” MS67+ below).

The background of the Susan B. Anthony dollar, also known as 1979 one-dollar coin, has actually plenty of ups and downs, together does its need within U.S. Coin collecting.

Although the was not valued in ~ the start by collectors or the general public that were an alleged to usage it, v time that has become a piece that can not be lacking in any modern coin collection. Besides, together you will view below, over there are only 18 various types, causing its popularity.

In this post you’ll learn:

Are Susan B. Anthony dollars worth anything?To determine the most valuable and collectable Susan B. Anthony dollars today.What minimum class collectors room looking for.What the different variants are and also errors in these pieces you have to look for in order to make money.

What walk a Susan B. Anthony coin look at like?

The obverse of the coin shows the bust that suffragette Susan B. Anthony dealing with right through 13 stars on one of two people side. The mint mark appears on the left and the expression “In great We Trust” on the right, below the phrase, room the initials of its designer, open minded Gasparro (FG). In the legend above appears words “Liberty” and below, the date of minting.

The ago shows one eagle landing on the moon with planet in the background and also surrounded through 13 stars. In the legend over is “United says Of America“, just below “E Pluribus Unum” and the value in letters – “One Dollar“.

How much is a Susan B. Anthony dissension worth?

When it was first minted in 1979, doing well President “Ike” Eisenhower’s dollars, the U.S. Mint had actually the goal of acquiring the population to begin using dollars in coin currency, to the detriment of dissension bills.

In those days, minting a Susan B. Anthony “Susie B” dollar price the Treasury around 3 cents, if an Ike dissension cost 8 cents. In addition, the longevity that the coin is about 15 year versus the mean 18 months the a bill demands to be returned.

The score of replacing the use of one dollar bills with one dissension coins was no successful, and one of the main reasons for the fail was the dimension of the Susan B. Anthony dollar.The on purpose of the U.S. Mint was to make the $1 coin much more functional by trimming both that is weight and also diameter (Ike’s dollars to be very huge – 38.1 mm – and also heavy) and also this to be not accepted by Americans.

The reality is the its diameter to be very similar to the of the quarter, in fact, its size were between a quarter and half a dollar. That’s why the Susan B. Anthony dollar to be nicknamed “Carter Quarter” through the population, because it was authorized by conference on September 26, 1978, and promulgated through President Jimmy Carter ~ above October 10, 1978.

About $860 million the Susan B. Anthony coins were minted during the year 1979 (the year v the highest number of units produced) v 1981 at the united state Mints:

Mints the 1979 Susan B. Anthony dollar

Philadelphia (P) since December 13, 1978Denver (D) because January 9, 1979San Francisco (F) because January 29, 1979

After an 18-year hiatus in the minting and due to the need that developed from the public’s usage of the Susan B. Anthony dollar for payment of transportation tokens and for exchange that U.S. Postal company vending machines, an additional 41.4 million systems of the Susan B. Anthony dissension were produced in 1999.

That year, 1999, to be the last year of its coinage come be changed by the Sacagawea “Golden Dollar”.

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1979 Susan B. Anthony dollar values and also types

A complete of 12 different types that Susan B. Anthony dollars were produced for circulation (Regular strikes) and 6 varieties in proof quality, including different dates, mints and also qualities.