Every year as soon as I start using Frayer Models because that vocabulary I have to teach what non-examples room to my students. College student are provided to working in a human being of developing examples and also rationales behind their learning but not defining what their learning isn’t.

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What is a Non-Example?

A Non-Example is simply helps define a new term in it’s whole using the attributes that room given and determine what the ax is not.

Let’s take words proportional…


Based ~ above the an interpretation and characteristics given by my students it is really easy to watch that to create something the is proportional both sides have to be equivalent. As you have the right to see in creating a non-example the students created a proportion that did not become equal once cross-multiplied.

Starting lessons v examples and also non-examples help to build a foundation and clear up concepts prior to you gain too deep right into the learning. When students don’t begin with a foundation of what a ax or concept is lock can continue to focus on that term and miss out on other crucial material. Because that my teaching this was a an essential comprehension action for many of mine students.

While speaking v some various other teachers about using Non-Examples in their classrooms I got some great opinions.



As you can see from these teachers, as well as my experiences, using non-examples is something the we should do in our classrooms. Non-examples don’t constantly have to be excellent in the type of a vocabulary definition. Another way to use them is through a ide sort or Venn diagram. What is one thing? What is another thing? Why is it the way? acquire students talking about why lock think something can be classified in one area and also why no in another.


How execute you usage non-examples in her classroom? do you struggle with student’s knowledge of what miscellaneous isn’t? Let’s comment on in the comments.

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And, if you are looking for further ways to usage Examples and also Non-Examples in her classroom, inspect out the Examples and Non-Examples article over at It’s scholastic Tutoring Center’s blog together they give some great insight on exactly how using these methods can aid the structures of learning.

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