A cap trick is once a player scores 3 objectives in a hockey game. The goals can be scored during regulation or overtime, top top a punish shot – any kind of which way, except in a shootout.

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If you didn’t know what a cap trick was, currently you know. If you want to know why they contact it a hat trick, inspect out my blog post here.

But you came here since you came throughout a an ext specific hatchet -natural cap trick.

What is a herbal hat trick?

A natural hat cheat is when a player scores 3 consecutive objectives in a game, uninterrupted by a teammate or opponent. The feat is recognized regardless if the objectives were scored in ~ the same duration or throughout several, excluding goals in the shootout. The NHL record for the quickest cap trick is 21 seconds, collection by bill Mosienko (Chicago Blackhawks) in the 1951-52 season.

Mosienko registered the cap trick against the new York ranger at Madison Square Garden on march 23, 1952. His victim was Rangers’ goaltender Lorne Anderson, who enabled all 3 goals versus in the third period.

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How countless hat tricks are natural?

Based on the last 5 seasons, dating ago to 2016-17, 13.6% the all hat tricks were natural.

In total, there were 338 cap tricks registered in the continuous season, and also 46 that those were natural hat tricks.

That amounts to 9+ organic hat tricks each season, top top average.

Just to be clear, i have scoured the internet and also couldn"t find any historical data connected to organic hat tricks.

Not even the NHL shares this stat on their website. Come their credit transaction though, they carry out data on players scoring 3 or much more goals in a game. (source)

In the end, i crossed recommendation the 3+ goal list to game an overview sheets and retrieved the data on natural hat tricks.

Below is the an outcome of my search.

Natural hat Tricks from 2016-2021


Natural hat Tricks score by NHL Defensemen

You’ll an alert that not many defensemen make it on the list. Over those last 5 seasons, only two to be defensemen: Jared Spurgeon and Justin Faulk.

In fact, if you go all the means back come 1917 (the NHL’s inaugural season), just 12 defensemen ever regulated to score a natural hat trick. Al MacInnis (Calgary Flames) managed the feat twice!

This full includes continuous season and playoffs.

Player Name




Jared Spurgeon

Minnesota Wild

Feb 21, 2020


Justin Faulk

Carolina Hurricanes

Feb 13, 2018


Dustin Byfuglien

Chicago Blackhawks

Nov 30, 2007


Al MacInnis

St. Louis Blues

Oct 12, 1998


Al MacInnis

St. Louis Blues

Dec 11, 1996


Bryan Fogarty

Quebec Nordiques

Dec 1, 1990


Paul Reinhart

Calgary Flames

Nov 24, 1986


Reijo Ruotsalainen

New York Rangers

Mar 17, 1982


John valve Boxmeer

Buffalo Sabres

Nov 7, 1981


Denis Potvin

New York Islanders

Oct 14, 1978


Dick Redmond

Chicago Blackhawks

Apr 4, 1973*


Brad Park

New York Rangers

Dec 12, 1971


Bert Corbeau

Montreal Canadiens

Dec 24, 1919


Only once has actually a defenseman managed to score 3 consecutive purposes in the playoffs. As can observed from the defensemen list, that honor walk to prick Redmond of the Chicago Blackhawks.

In his Stanley Cup Playoffs debut, Redmond scored a organic hat trick versus the St. Louis Blues in a 7-1 victory. That scored twice in the an initial period and the various other in the second.

Natural hat Trick Debate

There space two situations in which a natural hat trick would come into question.

One, we currently covered in the definition.

We know for particular that if a player scores 3 consecutive objectives within the exact same period, the simply considered a organic hat trick.

Well, the same uses for purposes scored throughout several periods, consisting of overtime. 3 consecutive goals is well-known as a herbal hat trick regardless of duration interruption.

This next case is rather interesting.

What if Player A scores a goal, complied with by another player, adhered to by 3 consecutive purposes again indigenous Player A?

That is, Player A score 4 goals in total. However, the original hat cheat did not stem indigenous consecutive goals.

To placed it right into perspective, the pan in attendance likely would have actually thrown hats on the ice cream after Player A’s third goal - come celebrate the "regular" cap trick.

The answer is the Player A still managed to score a natural hat trick, regardless of any kind of other that his objectives scored.

In the end, he controlled to score both a hat trick and also natural hat trick. However overall, that will have actually earned a single hat cheat in a game.

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So, as soon as the conversation pops up, go earlier to the an interpretation –A natural hat trick iswhen a player scores 3 consecutive goals in a game.