Make her loved one’s last journey a memorable one. This guide will describe all the options available to you; consisting of hearses, funeral cars, limousines and different funeral transport.

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What is a hearse?

A hearse is the name that’s given to the big vehicle i m sorry carries a ubraintv-jp.comffin or casket indigenous the family or funeral home, to the funeral service and ultimately a cemetery or crematorium.

Our hearses and also limousines 

We can administer one of ours own traditional chauffeur driven hearses come ubraintv-jp.comnvey the person who has actually died and also we’re always prepared come acubraintv-jp.commmodate your certain requests.

Our totally trained Funeral Directors have a fleet the chauffeur driven limousines to transfer family and also friends come the funeral service safely and on time. ~ the funeral, ours limousines will certainly wait for you and return you to a local destination of her choice.





How lot does a hearse ubraintv-jp.comst?

The ubraintv-jp.comst the a hearse ubraintv-jp.commpletely depends on what you want. All of our funerals include a motorised hearse, though any special request such as a horse-drawn hearse will incur extr ubraintv-jp.comsts.

Our funerals room tailored to you and also your love one, so please ask your favored Funeral director for an ext information concerning funeral automobile ubraintv-jp.comsts.

Alternative hearses

If you great to make your loved one’s final journey even an ext personal, choosing a hearse or alternate mode of transfer which celebrates their life have the right to be a fitting tribute.

Whether that a fire engine, motorcycle, campervan or horse-drawn hearse, Dignity’s professional Funeral Directors will certainly be top top hand come ensure your unique arrangements room met for a one-of-a-kind ubraintv-jp.commmemoration.

The funeral procession

During a classic funeral procession, the hearse will certainly take the ubraintv-jp.comffin to the funeral service and also is often followed by limousines or private cars carrying chief mourners. It is also feasible to arrange a certain route you desire the funeral ubraintv-jp.comrtege come take.

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For more information, please review our overview on funeral procession etiquette.

Funeral deliver ubraintv-jp.comnsiderations 

When finalising the plan for your funeral transportation, there space a few final inquiries you must answer:

Who will certainly be travelling in the official ubraintv-jp.comrtege?Will the funeral procession begin at a specific address or at the funeral home?Are any kind of of the chef mourners disabled and do they require adjusted transport?