In this article, you’ll be learning around dialog box launcher in Microsoft Word and also how to use them effectively.

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Dialog crate launcher in Microsoft Word

A dialog crate launcher is an iconic arrowhead that activates various alternatives in the ribbon food selection of Microsoft Office products. The dialog box launcher bring up different choices depending top top the team being used. Clicking the icon opens a dialog box pertained to the choices in the menu group.


In Microsoft Word, customers may include a launcher because that a dialog box to any kind of group of menu options in the ribbon menu.

Examples of teams with a dialog crate launcher include:

The Font and Paragraph groups on the house tab.The Charts group, ~ above the Insert tab.

Let’s comment on the font dialog box launcher in detail.

Where is the font dialog crate launcher?

The font dialog box launcher is a little downward-pointing arrowhead located in the bottom right edge of individual teams or boxes on the ribbon.

What space the components in the font dialog box?

The font dialog box contains,

FontsFont stylesFont sizeUnderlinesEffects and some advancement feature.

Look in ~ the snapshot below to gain a clear watch on the components.

How to adjust the choices in font dialog crate launcher?On the Home tab, click on the Font Dialog crate Launcher from within the Font group.Use the Ctrl+D keyboard shortcut to quickly summon the Font dialog box.Select the options you want to change, such as the Font, Font style, and Size.
The best benefit of the Font dialog crate is the Preview window, in ~ the bottom.
Click the Font dialog box’s text Effects button to accessibility interesting text characteristics such as Shadow, Outline, Emboss, and also Engrave.Post the changes, top top the bottom left side of the Font window, click on the Set together Default button.
You will certainly then it is in presented v a note to confirm this change. Select All documents based on the normal template, then click OK.Click OK to apply your changes.

The alters made will be reliable on the document.

The Font dialog box’s progressed tab hosts choices for an altering the size and position of message on a line.

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By the very same process, girlfriend can transform or launch any kind of of the dialog box launcher in Microsoft Word.