A circle is the exact same as 360°. You have the right to divide a circle right into smaller portions. A component of a circle is called an arc and also an arc is named according come its angle.

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A one graph, or a pie chart, is used to visualize information and data. A circle graph is usually supplied to easily present the outcomes of an investigation in a proportional manner. The arcs of a one graph room proportional come how plenty of percent of population gave a particular answer.


An investigation was made in ubraintv-jp.com high school to inspection what color of blue jeans was the most common among the students. This one graph mirrors how many percent of the school had actually a particular color. We now want to recognize how numerous angles every percentage synchronizes to.


To find out the number of degrees for each arc or ar in the graph us multiply the percentage by 360°.

$$Blue: 57\%: 0.57cdot 360^circ=205.2^circ$$

$$Black: 19\%:0.19cdot 360^circ=68.4^circ$$

$$Beige: 12\%:0.12cdot 360^circ=43.2^circ$$

$$Grey: 8\%:0.08cdot 360^circ=28.8^circ$$

$$Red: 4\%:0.04cdot 360^circ=14.4^circ$$

When we want to attract a one graph by oneself we must rewrite the percentages for each classification into levels of a circle and also then usage a protractor to do the graph.


If us ask 100 persons which TV routine they like the most, we get this result.

TV programPersons
Grey"s anatomy (GA)17
Family man (FG)34
True blood (TB)15
Gossip girl (GG)26
America"s funniest home videos (AFV)8

We know that the complete amount of persons is 100. Currently we require to discover the ratio for each TV program.

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$$FG: frac34100=0.34$$




To discover the levels of each TV routine we multiply by 360.

$$GA:0.17cdot 360^circ=61.2^circ$$

$$FG: 0.34cdot 360^circ=122.4^circ$$

$$TB:0.15cdot360^circ= 54^circ$$

$$GG:0.26cdot 360^circ=93.6^circ$$

$$AFV:0.08cdot 360^circ=28.8^circ$$

And climate we use a protractor to draw the chart. It will look something favor this: