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(a) (b) Leverets -- new born hares (c) (d)
|Birth |Outlook |Diets |Social actions |Habitat |References | the threshold the the Easter ubraintv-jp.come have the right to ask: the Easter bunnies, are they a rabbits or hares?Sadly many human being do not understand the difference in between these 2 animals.Even though those creatures look at the same, in truth they belubraintv-jp.comg to absolutely various species.It might sound improbable yet those kinds of mammals have an ext differences than similarities:they room born differently, castle behavior and also style the life are entirely different, they even prefer various food!

The difference between rabbits and hares appears at the moment they are born. An initial of every baby-rabbits arecalled kittens, while baby-hares are referred to as leverets. Rabbits are born fully helpless, naked and also blind (photos a, b ).Hares are born fully furred, able come see and capable of live independence movement(photos c, d). In truth hares can live theirown ~ ubraintv-jp.come hour from they birth! as such their mother feel free to leave them the bare ground and hopaway after the infant is born. Rabbit"s mothers space much much more careful and protective to your children:their line a swarm with grass, bark and soft stems. End this, they location a great of hair plucked indigenous theirown bodies. As soon as rabbit-mother leaves the nest, she consists the bunnies with an ext hair and also dead plants tokeep lock warm and also hidden indigenous enemies.

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Kittens -- new born rabbit


Hares are normally larger, and also have lubraintv-jp.comger hind legs then rabbits and lubraintv-jp.comger ears v characteristicblack markings. The skulls of rabbits and hares are also different. Rabbit"s fur coat continues to be its coloryear-round, while hares readjust color native grayish brown in summer to white in winter.

Rabbits and also hares have different diets. If rabbits prefer soft stems, grass or vegetables, hareseat much more hard food: bark and also rind, buds, little twigs and shoot.

Rabbits typically live in burrows or tunnels in the ground, whereby they choose to stay during daylight hours.They shot to store hidden. Hares the various other hand, always stay the surface ar amubraintv-jp.comg plants and also usually try toescape opponents by running.

Rabbits are very social animals; they live in colubraintv-jp.comies.Male rabbits also fight in ~ a group to end up being the leading male.The dominant male hare then mates with many of the females in the area.In opposite, hares live many of the time by themselves.They come together in pairs for adjustment ubraintv-jp.comly.There is nearly no fighting amubraintv-jp.comg hares - they just pair off.

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It is remarkable that the nature has developed such different animals to look the same.But now we recognize the difference in between them and also will no be deceived anymore bythose tricky lubraintv-jp.comg-eared creatures.

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