Hello, my surname is Renee and also I’m the Head the Explosions at The Curiosity Box. I’m an extremely curious around this wonderful civilization we live in and also especially Puffins! your beautiful colours and also funny behaviours give Puffins good reason to it is in nicknamed the clowns the the sea.

But over there is so much more to Puffins 보다 a pretty beak. I have actually wanted to get up close and curious through Puffins, to discover out much more about them for years, so once I got the opportunity to stay on Skomer Island, i jumped in ~ it!

Tune in right here to clock live at 6pm tonight - 14th June 2021

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On the 19th may my husband Kerry, two youngsters Patrick and also Anika and I set off to the west coast of Wales prepared to acquire the boat over come Skomer Island, a nature reserve the is house to hundreds of thousands the sea birds. The only means to stay on Skomer is in a dorm house, completely off-grid. That means no electricity, no wifi (this to be a actual struggle because that the kids!), no mains water and also no shops. Living on Skomer is like obtaining right back to nature. You have to rely on the earth’s herbal resources because that water (collected rain water) and heat (solar and wind power) and any food or apparel you have actually to lug with you. That is a difficulty but one that is completely worth it as soon as you acquire there and also are totally surrounded by the many amazing wildlife!


There are currently 30,000 Puffins nesting ~ above Skomer Island, that’s among the biggest Puffin colonies in Europe. It quickly came to be clear that the island belongs come the animals, us were in your territory, but they preeminence the roost. There room literally thousands of thousands the seabirds on Skomer and they busily go about feeding, mating and nesting v barely a look in her direction. This provides it even much more magical together you have the right to sit ~ above a path and become immersed in their weird and wonderful lives. We watched Puffins burrowing, preening, communicating, feeding, flying and also landing (which is hilarious!) and also pooing which is astonishing!

I took a video diary while ns was there (I will be adding more episodes below over the comes weeks), to try and record some that the points that i saw and found amazing. Hope this will average that you can get a feel for life on Skomer island too.

Explore the playlist of videos here

Top 5 points I learned about Puffins:

· Puffin Poo: Puffin pooing is incredible! They execute a ducking and also reversing motion prior to squirting a serious disgusting liquid poo straight into their burrows! Interestingly, they execute this ~ above purpose due to the fact that it odor marks their burrow, and also leaves enough room between their “toilet area” and also their swarm for any kind of poo to be wiped clean while castle waddle.

· Puffins for life: Puffins room romantics, castle mate v the very same partner yearly for their whole lives. They likewise use the exact same burrow every year. Just how Puffins understand which mate, and which burrow, also after 8-9 months alone in ~ sea is a an enig that scientists are tho exploring.

· Sand Eel signals: Puffins eat sand eels. For most of the year, they eat when they are out and about at sea. But when they are nesting Puffins will return to their burrow through a beak full of sand eel from the day your Puffling hatches. Seeing the sand eels in the mine is the very first sign that pufflings have actually started come hatch

· Breaking Beaks: The rainbow coloured sections of a Puffin’s beak are only there for reproduction season. When the Pufflings have hatched and flown, the coloured parts autumn off and don’t grow earlier until following season!

· Clacking Communication: ns was expecting the Puffins to be yes, really noisy and chatty however they right make any noise at all! They will certainly make a short growling sound come ward off wayward Puffins who shot to get in their burrow, but otherwise they are almost fully silent. Rather they come beak to beak and click clack your beaks through each other. I don’t understand what kind of things they are communicating however it looks an extremely sweet!

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Puffins are such fascinating creatures, your bodies are simply right for an pet that requirements to fly, dive and also swim. Lock really space beautiful and also have the funniest personalities, the felt favor such a privilege to be able to be component of their world, also for a quick time.

There is therefore much more for me to learn around Puffins, i m sorry is why I will certainly be talking live through Puffin professional Annette Fayet (https://annettefayet.com) as component of The an excellent Science Share. I’d love you to sign up with us and ask any questions friend have around puffins, Skomer Island or what it was favor staying in a nature reserve.