Example: there are 12 chocolates, and also 3 friends desire to re-publishing them, just how do they division the chocolates?

12 Chocolates 12 Chocolates divided by 3

So they get 4 each: 12/3 = 4

Dividing by Zero

Now, allow us shot dividing the 12 chocolates amongst zero people, just how much go each person get?

Does the question also make sense? No, of course it doesn"t.

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We can"t share amongst zero people, and we can"t divide by 0.

Another great Reason

After dividing, can we main point to get back again?


But multiply by 0 gives 0, so that won"t work.

Once again, separating by zero provides us difficulties!

Imagine We can Divide by Zero

Okay, let us imagine we can division by zero, and also see what happens.

That way that things like 1/0 and also 0/0 would behave like normal numbers.

Try multiplying By Zero

So allow us shot using our new "numbers".

For example, we recognize that zero times any number is zero:

Example: 0×1 = 0, 0×2 = 0, etc

So the should likewise be true for 1/0:

0 × (1/0) = 0

But us could likewise rearrange it a small like this:

0 × (1/0) = (0/0) × 1 = 1

(Careful! i am not speak this is yes! We room assuming that we can division by zero, therefore 0/0 should work the same as 5/5, i beg your pardon is 1).

Arrggh! If we multiply 1/0 by zero we might get 0 or 1.

In truth we can"t have both possibilites, so us cannot define 1/0 to it is in a number.

So it is undefined.

So what is 0/0 ?

0/0 is prefer asking "how countless 0s in 0?"

are there no zeros in zero in ~ all? Or probably there is specifically one zero in zero? Or plenty of zeros?

So 0/0 is indeterminate (it can be any value).

In conclusion:

When we shot to divide by zero, things stop making sense

That is all.

But Wait ...

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There is a special technique where we acquire closer and also closer come zero ... Just read boundaries (An Introduction) to find out more.