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Mansfield Independent school District is a premiere college district located in the Dallas-Fort precious Metroplex. The district encompasses much more than 94 square mile serving end 35,000 students.

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At Mansfield ISD, we believe excellence starts at the top and also is pass on transparent our an ext than 4,600 employees.

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We are committed to hiring and maintaining a diverse, highly-qualified staff. Despite the dimension of a little corporation, MISD remains concentrated on providing an outstanding education for every students.

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Students in ~ Danny Jones middle School received rather the shock as soon as they saw a an extremely familiar face walking under the hallway top top Monday.

Actress and singer Selena Gomez do a stop at her previous school in the so late afternoon to say hi to various classrooms and reconnect with previous teachers.

The 27-year-old is filming a documentary around her childhood and also hometown memories. She was passing by the area and decided come pop into the school.

“This trip, I want to take my ideal friend Courtney and additionally some the my civilization from mine label simply to display them wherein I flourished up and also how proud ns am of whereby I’m from,” Gomez explained. “Some that my teacher I obtained to watch again, and also they were part of mine life for so long.”

Teachers who had actually Gomez together a seventh-grader remember her as being kind, quiet and also humble. Her coach at the time recalled when Gomez told her she was going to withdraw to relocate to Florida.

“She said, ‘Oh I’m simply going to it is in in a tiny Disney film,’” said Stephani Gray, head girl basketball coach in ~ Lake Ridge High School. “And ns said, ‘Oh. Okay.’ since sometimes middle school children kind the exaggerate.”

Gray claimed Gomez’s name later scrolled through in the credits the a Disney movie, and she to be excited to see that Gomez had accomplished her dream.

From the Disney television shows and also movie roles, Gomez’s career take it off. She has actually earned many awards throughout her career, consisting of an American Music Award, an MTV video clip Music Award, a People's an option Award and multiple Teen selection Awards.

Although she popularity proceeds to skyrocket, Gomez stated it’s always good to come ago home.

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“I honestly didn’t know it’d go as well as it did,” she said, “I didn’t know I’d acquire to come and also be a part of this, therefore I’m really happy.”

The grand Prairie indigenous said the Mansfield ISD has actually grown for this reason much because she attended colleges here. She claimed it to be surreal to be ago in the building and also gave students some lasting advice.

“What I would certainly tell lock is that it’s really hard, but it’s worth it. I wasn’t a straight-A student by every means, however I think it’s yes, really important, and also I think it’s additionally important to be kind to someone.” Gomez said. “Just encourage castle in their college work and also know that anything is feasible for them.”