Who needs a degree when you schoolin’ life. Walk Beyoncé have a high institution diploma? did this award-winning performer ever before go to college? here’s what us know about Beyoncé Knowles-Carter and her endure before coming to be an global superstar.

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Jay-Z and also Beyoncé Knowles-Carter attend ‘The Lion King’ europe Premiere | Dave J Hogan/Getty Images

Did Beyoncé graduate high school?

Now, she an international superstar and one the the most popular artists in the world. Before Beyoncé Knowles-Carter was a Grammy-award to win artist, she attend elementary school and high school in Texas. 

According to Showbiz Cheat Sheet, when Beyoncé to be a teenager, she to visit the High college for the Performing and also Visual art of Houston, Texas. There, she continued to occupational on she musical skills before transferring institutions to the Alief Elsik High School, the last institution she attended. 

What happened next is still a little foggy. Some report the the artist earned her diploma while still in high school. Various other sources state that she ultimately got her GED.

At the same time together attending high school, Beyoncé and also Destiny’s kid started obtaining popularity. They released songs together a trio and also earned nationwide recognition, at some point earning Grammy Awards for their music.

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Beyoncé Coachella performance was motivated by HBCUs

Thanks come the popular of Destiny’s Child, Beyoncé never had a possibility to attend college. Native working v her girl group in Destiny’s Child, Beyoncé went right into her career as a solo artist, producing music, certification in movies like Disney’s The Lion King, and performing live. 

That doesn’t median she can’t be motivated by the college student of Historically black color Colleges and Universities (HBCUs.) once she ended up being the very first African-American mrs to headline Coachella, she made decision to develop her very own homecoming event, finish with a majorette, a predominately black orchestra, and also dancers. 

“It’s tough to believe that, after every these years, ns was the very first African-American woman to headline Coachella,” the artist said throughout her Netflix documentary, Homecoming: A film by Beyoncé. “When I chose to perform Coachella, rather of me pulling out my flower crown, the was more important the I lugged our society to Coachella.”

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Beyoncé defined that she always dreamed that going come an HBCU

This artist tho doesn’t need a degree to “school” life. She had a duty in Disney’s live-action adaptation of The Lion King, she introduced her own apparel line through Adidas and also even earned recognition for she music and documentary in ~ the Grammy Awards, Emmy Awards, and the gold Globes.

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However, while doing a voiceover for she Netflix documentary, Beyoncé mutual a hidden dream that she had as a child. That entails her endure with education and also her desire to go to one HBCU because that college.

“I grew up in Houston, Texas, visiting Prairie View,” she explains. “We rehearsed at TSU for numerous years in third ward. And also I constantly dreamed of going come an HBCU. My college was Destiny’s Child. My college to be traveling approximately the world and also life to be my teacher.”

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