Trazodone (also known as Desyrel, Oleptro, and a variety of other brand names) is a serotonin antagonist and also reuptake inhibitor.

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The medicine was originally designed come be used in the treatment of depression, yet due come its sedating effects, it is an ext often supplied as a sleep aid in people with depression and to treat anxiety, fibromyalgia, and also many other conditions/disorders.

Can Trazodone it is in Abused?

The short answer come this concern is “yes.” It appears that most any form of medicine or medication deserve to be a problem of abuse provided the rather entrepreneurial nature of plenty of who seek to abuse substances. Specific classifications the prescription medications have a greater potential for abuse 보다 others (e.g., drug painkillers versus antidepressants); however, individuals who abuse prescription drugs will attempt to find ways come abuse almost any form of drug.

It has been known that antidepressant drugs are potential drugs of abuse, back this is a relatively rare phenomenon contrasted to various other classes that drugs, and also often, antidepressant abuse wake up in associate with various other drugs of abuse. In addition, a 1994 write-up in the journal mei Clinic Proceedings report two situation studies concerning the abuse the Prozac additionally reported what is thought to it is in the very first actual documented case of co-abuse that trazodone.

A 1999 research in the journal Psychopharmacology contrasted the abuse potential of three drugs offered for sedation and anxiety control: trazodone, Ambien, and Halcion. The potential because that abuse was rated through both target tests and the spatu experiences of previous drug abusers. The findings suggested that trazodone had actually a considerably less potential because that abuse 보다 the other two drugs; however, this can additionally be understood as an interpretation that trazodone does have some abuse potential although the is most likely not generally a primary drug the abuse. Over there are many reports on the web of individuals snorting trazodone, which alone would show that the drug is gift abused due to the fact that this kind of administration is not consistent with clinical instructions and also therefore suggests these people are taking the drug for non-legal reasons. Snorting trazodone will most likely intensify several of its sedating the facts and also enhances its start of action, indicating a misuse that the medication for nonmedical reasons.

Finally, trazodone has a soft potential because that abuse and also for the advancement of a soft syndrome of physical dependence that is associated with other antidepressant medications and also often termed antidepressant discontinuation syndrome. Trazodone overdoses room not really common, however they deserve to occur.

Who Abuses Trazodone?

Data concerning the abuse of prescription medications as indicated by the nationwide Institute of drug Abuse and numerous scholarly sources concerning addiction and also abuse help to define the parameters of prescription medication abuse, like trazodone abuse, such that:

People who take prescription drugs for medicinal purposes and under the supervision that a physician are much less likely to abuse these drugs.Antidepressant medicine abuse more commonly occurs together a secondary drug that abuse combined with other drugs that abuse together opposed to gift a primary drug that abuse. Thus, people who abuse trazodone are far more likely to additionally have histories of abusing various other drugs or seeks to other drugs of abuse.

Any human being who offers antidepressant medications for a duration of higher than 6-8 weeks might potentially build a physical dependence on the drug. Is crucial to note that physical dependence, while a potential symptom that a middle to significant substance usage disorder (addiction), by itself does not indicate abuse or addiction. Individuals who take it these same drugs strictly because that medicinal objectives under the supervision of a doctor may build a physics dependence; however, they room not addicted or abusing them according to the official clinical criteria because that addiction and abuse (substance usage disorders) as presented through the American Psychiatric Association. Addiction and also abuse by meaning entail the nonmedical usage of medicine or substances that result in a number of an adverse consequences for the individual and lead to anxiety or sensible impairments.

Signs the Trazodone Abuse or Addiction

Signs that may indicate that an separation, personal, instance is abusing trazodone include:

The human gets trazodone without a prescription.A human with a prescription attempts to get an ext trazodone than originally prescribed by physician shopping, buying the illegally, steal it, etc.The person begins to spend an ext time attempting to acquire or making use of trazodone.The person proceeds to use trazodone even though its consumption leads to an adverse consequences, such as problems at work, issues with relationships, concerns at school, etc.The person starts to disregard significant obligations as a result of trazodone abuse, such as at work, as a parent, spouse, etc.The person’s medicine use causes health issues.The human being uses trazodone under perhaps dangerous conditions, such as combining it with other drugs.The person has actually been using trazodone for reasons other than the intended use (e.g., to get “high” or to enhance the high experiences other drugs).The person starts to demonstrate issues with tolerance and also withdrawal symptoms when going there is no the medicine in the addition to displaying at least one that the over issues.

Common and Severe next Effects

ConstipationDiarrheaDry eyesDry mouthFatigueMuscle painsMemory IssuesNauseaRinging in the earsTrouble sleepingBlurred visionNervousnessNumbnessConfusionChest painDifficulty breathingErectile dysfunctionFaintingHeadacheLightheadednessPanic attackRashSeizureSweating

Treatment alternatives for Trazodone Abuse

Since the is extremely likely that individuals abusing trazodone are also abusing various other drugs it is crucial to identify the paper definition of their abuse and other medicine that may be connected with their trazodone abuse.

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This will call for a an extensive assessment of the individual and also the advancement of a treatment regime that may incorporate the following:

The option for inpatient or outpatient treatment: This decision will rely on the certain details the the individual’s patterns of abuse, lifestyle, preferences, etc.Comprehensive therapy: This will be target at the initiating determinants that contributed to the person’s drug abuse, the development of transaction skills, a relapse avoidance program, a routine that addresses other potential psychological disorders/issues, and a long-term aftercare program. Therapy can be delivered in the kind of separation, personal, instance therapy, group therapy, or both.A psychoeducation program: This can help clients learn around the instrument of addiction and also how to prevent relapse.