Originating from the farms of Italy, Mozzarella is among the most renowned cheeses in the world.

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As a issue of fact, mozzarella is actually America’s favourite cheese.

An typical American consumes about 11.5 pounds that mozzarella cheese every year.

Mozzarella cheese is traditionally made from the milk that a water buffalo.

But most mozzarella cheese are currently made indigenous cow’s milk and are almost similar to cream cheese in terms of consistency and taste.


You will uncover several varieties of Mozzarella cheese in the market, and they are mainly used in pizzas and other pasta dishes.

Mozzarella cheese can likewise be offered for do string cheese, which is a favourite in numerous households.

If you are one of those world who loves mozzarella cheese and also usually share them up, you can be wondering, “how long does mozzarella cheese last?”

Well, we’re below to answer simply that! check out on to uncover out.

How long Does Mozzarella Cheese Last? does Mozzarella Cheese go Bad?

Mozzarella cheese in reality comes v a ton of benefits. They are a an excellent source of Biotin and also Ribbon. The is even great for your bones together well.

However, a bad mozzarella cheese can be rather harmful and also have several ramifications for your health.

Some of the bacteria discovered on bad cheese space dangerous because that infants, old people, and also pregnant women.


Mozzarella, prefer every various other food and dairy products, go bad after some time.

Being a soft cheese, Mozzarella doesn’t last as lengthy as other hard cheese.

However, the shelf life of a mozzarella cheese deserve to vary depending on many factors.

Normally, a fresh unopened and refrigerated mozzarella cheese will certainly last for about four to 6 weeks.

If you’ve opened up it, the mozzarella cheese need to be refrigerated, and it candlestick last because that a week.

It might not go negative right after, but it absolutely won’t have the exact same taste. You will still be able to eat for around a month if you keep it fine refrigerated.

However, if you want to prolong the shelf life the mozzarella cheese, you deserve to follow some measures.

The best means to prolong the shelf life that mozzarella cheese is to frozen it.

If you carry out freeze it, make certain to save it out for around one to two hours before eating it.

If girlfriend eat it straight out the the freezer, then it won’t have actually that original texture and also flavor.

An unopened frozen mozzarella will also last increase to 6 months after the use-by date.

But that depends on the freezer temperature. However, the minimum would certainly still be in between two to 4 months.

If did you do it frozen the after the opened, then it would certainly still last beyond three months.

But make certain to freeze it in ~ a main or 2 to obtain the best days the end of it.

Here’s one more tip to expand the life the mozzarella cheese – eliminate the cheese indigenous its package it is filled with its liquid solution.

And then cover the cheese v a plastic wrap and either refrigerate or freeze it.

This will rise the all at once longevity of the cheese by a significant amount.

How to Tell if Mozzarella Cheese is Bad? Mozzarella Cheese Shelf Life!

The most obvious sign that a Mozzarella Cheese that has gone negative is mold. Molds on Mozzarella cheese are basic to spot.

So if her cheese ever goes bad, it won’t be hard for you to notification it and also throw castle out.

However, there are likewise other methods that you can recognize a bad Mozzarella cheese.


If friend think her cheese has actually gone bad, friend can shot smelling it. If the smell seems off, that time to discard it.

Even though most cheeses have actually a strong smell, Mozzarella normally has a irradiate aroma.

So a mozzarella through a sour smell is an evident sign that your cheese has gone bad.

If you carry out not odor anything off with your mozzarella, you might want to shot tasting it.

Putting a small amount of negative mozzarella will most likely not have any affect on your health.

A bad mozzarella will obviously have actually a negative taste to it. If that tastes fine, then it’s for sure to eat.

Keep in mind that Mozzarella cheese can still it is in harmful also if friend trim turn off the mold.

Based top top a study performed by Clemson college Extension, bacteria deserve to possibly go into beneath the surface of soft and semi-soft cheeses prefer brie cheese, blue cheese, and goat cheese.

Also, sniffing moldy cheese can be fairly harmful.

If you inhale the spores, it can inflame her airways and cause chest tightening, wheezing, and also nasal congestion, among several various other implications.


There you have actually it, folks. Having actually a rough idea around the shelf life that mozzarella have the right to save you and your household from a lot of headaches.

Consuming a poor mozzarella cheese is never a an excellent idea. So that is necessary to constantly be mindful and avoid eating negative cheese at all costs.

By learning the proper shelf life, you can estimate just how long her cheese will last and also consequently litter it out once it’s time.

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Also, the method you save your cheese can help you decide exactly how long her cheese last.