Medically the review by Janet Brito, Ph.D., LCSW, CST — composed by Rachel Nall, MSN, CRNA on might 31, 2019

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Getting semen in her eye is more proof that occasionally things just don’t go together planned.

Beyond being alarmed in ~ the truth you have actually semen in your eye, you may be wondering around sexually transmitted epidemic (STIs) and also other transmittable conditions.

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Fortunately, we’ve obtained you covered! Here’s how to clean up the mess, tips to soothe any type of irritation, as soon as to consider STI testing, and also more.

No, don’t touch her eye. You can spread the liquid to other areas of her body or further embed it in your eye.

Follow these advice from the civilization Health organization for getting bodily fluids the end of your eye:

If friend wear contacts, leaving them in. The contact can protect the influenced eye until you rinse that out. You deserve to splash her eye end the sink until you think the semen has been rinsed out, or rinse your eye in the shower. An additional option is come sit in a chair, tilt your head back, and have who gently to water water or saline over your eye. One of two people way, make sure you pull her eyelid down so you can thoroughly rinse the area. Then, if friend wear contacts, eliminate the contact from the impacted eye and also cleanse it v saline solution. You deserve to put the contact earlier in afterward.

Note the while your very first instinct might be to wash the eye out with soap and water, don’t. You don’t require soap or other disinfectants to acquire the semen out, simply water or saline.

Are stinging and also blurry vision normal?

Yes! her eye organization is exceptionally delicate, and also semen has actually several materials that act together irritants. This includes acids, enzymes, zinc, chlorine, and sugars.

How long will redness last?

Redness and also inflammation space the body’s natural response to irritants.

Whether that dust, semen, or every little thing else, obtaining a foreign object in her eye can reason redness.

Ideally, it’ll walk away in ~ 24 hours of exposure.

Is over there anything I have the right to do to discover relief?

Keep flushing your eye out with over-the-counter (OTC) eye drops, water, or saline solutions.

You can additionally apply warmth or cool compresses over her eyes to soothe irritation. A soft washcloth dampened through water is perfect.

Taking OTC pains relievers favor acetaminophen (Tylenol) and also ibuprofen (Advil) deserve to help, too.

Whatever friend do, don’t rub your eye. It’ll just make redness worse.

What if mine symptoms nothing fade?

If your eye is acquiring redder, repeatedly watering, or enhancing in pain, call an eye doctor. These could be indications of an eye infection.

Otherwise, wait until around 24 hours have passed and also see exactly how you’re doing. If you nothing see any kind of improvement, that time to consult a medical professional.

Can this cause a stye or another eye condition?

It’s possible. Here’s what to watch for.


A stye is a type of eye inflammation. Styes are usually prompted by the existence of Staphylococcus bacteria in the eye.

With that in mind, it’s yes, really unlikely that obtaining semen in her eye will reason a stye.

If girlfriend do construct one, it’s more than likely not native the semen itself yet from all the itching and also scratching girlfriend did afterward.

These disturbances may have allowed bacteria to attack your eye.


You can gain conjunctivitis (pink eye) from part bacteria in semen.

This includes STI bacteria, such together chlamydia, gonorrhea, and also syphilis.

Common symptom include:

eyelid ede grittiness, together if there’s dirt in your eyepink or red tint to the eye itching in one or both eyes light sensitivity

If this sounds familiar, check out a doctor or other medical care provider for a diagnosis. You might need antibiotic eye drops.

What around HIV?

It’s feasible to contract HIV from getting semen in your eye, but it’s not a usual transmission source.

The Centers for disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates the danger for contracting HIV through the form of exposure. The greatest risk, for example, is receiving a blood transfusion from who who has the virus.

The CDC doesn’t have actually an main estimate ~ above the hazard of transmission from semen to the eye. However, castle do place the hazard of “throwing body fluids” prefer semen as “negligible.”

What if the human who ejaculated has HIV?

Don’t panic. The very, really unlikely the you could contract HIV together a an outcome of semen in your eye.

If it would aid put your mind in ~ ease, you can take post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) medication to truly minimize your risk.

PEP is a prescription antiretroviral the helps avoid the virus from multiply in her body.

The medication need to be taken in ~ 72 hours after potential HIV exposure, so talk to a doctor or emergency treatment provider as quickly as possible.

What around STIs?

In theory, girlfriend can acquire an STI from acquiring semen in your eye. In practice, that doesn’t take place a lot.


If your partner is suffering an energetic herpes outbreak, you at better risk for contracting the infection.

When the herpes virus affects the eye, it’s well-known as ocular herpes.

If left untreated, ocular herpes have the right to lead to a serious infection the affects the cornea and vision.

Symptoms may include:

swellingtearingrednesssorenesslight sensitivity

Although over there isn’t a cure because that the herpes virus, friend can control symptoms through anti-inflammatory eye drops and oral antiviral medication.


There no a the majority of data top top the price of infection of chlamydia because of semen in the eye, but it’s a known route.

Symptoms may include:

persistent irritation puslike discharge indigenous the eyeeyelid swelling

Antibiotic eye drops can treat it.


This isn’t a typical route for transmission, however it’s possible.

Symptoms might include:

light sensitivitypain in the eyepuslike discharge native the eye

Oral and also eye-drop antibiotics can treat it.


This isn’t a typical route because that transmission, however it’s possible.

If left untreated, ocular syphilis deserve to lead come blindness.

Symptoms may include:

rednesspainvision changes

Oral and also eye-drop antibiotics have the right to treat it.

Hepatitis B and C

Although hepatitis B and C are generally transmitted with blood, transmission via semen is possible.

Symptoms may include:

dryness painulcers ~ above the eyessores on the eyes

Oral or injectable antibiotics deserve to treat these conditions.

Pubic lice

Pubic lice live outside the body, for this reason they shouldn’t be in semen.

However, the lice can get in her eyelashes if you obtain too close to someone who has actually them.

Symptoms might include:

itchy eyestan, white, or gray flecks in your lashesfeverfatigue
Do I need to gain tested?

Yes. Uneven your partner has recently to be tested and can show you the results, obtain tested simply to it is in sure.

Antibiotic or antiviral medication can effectively treat numerous STIs.

When have to I get tested?

It’s a good idea to get tested about three month after the semen obtained in your eye.

Testing previously than this could result in a false positive or false negative.

Make certain you’re tested for:

HIVhepatitis B and Cchlamydiasyphilis
Is the testing procedure the same?

It eventually depends on even if it is you’re experiencing symptoms and, if so, what they are.

If her eye is affected, her provider will examine your eye v a unique microscope.

They may also put fall in your eye to gain a closer look at at your cornea.

In rare cases, they might swab or take it a tiny sample the eye organization for further testing.

If you no having any kind of eye symptoms, the testing procedure will be the exact same as usual. Her provider may take a saliva, blood, or organization sample.

Is therapy available?

Yes. Your alternatives for treatment depend on the diagnosis.

Some infections, like chlamydia and gonorrhea, space treated through antibiotics.

Other conditions, such as herpes, don’t have a cure, but symptoms can be properly managed.

The bottom line

Oftentimes, the burning or stinging you feeling in your eye is the most serious side impact of gaining semen in your eye.

However, it’s possible to contract details STIs or construct pink eye together a result of semen exposure.

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See a medical care provider if friend aren’t certain of her partner’s STI status or if uncomfortable persists. They deserve to review her symptoms and also advise you on any next steps.