at the really end of Harry Potter and also the Deathly Hallows movie, Harry damaged the Elder Wand and threw far the pieces. Go the Elder Wand lose its power permanently as result of this? Or might someone fix it v a "Reparo" spell and also use that again?


Harry damaged the wand in Deathly Hallows - part Two the movie. This is not what taken place in canon.

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In the book, Harry offers the Elder Wand to heal/mend his broken holly/phoenix feather wand. He then discusses the wand with Dumbledore and plans to return the wand to Dumbledore"s tomb. This makes the wand vulnerable to theft. It is my guess the the Elder Wand is immune to Reparo and other an easy spells choose that.

So, yes, the Elder Wand could return to company again if someone stole it and also began using it, or if Harry started using it.

If Harry dies a herbal death, the power of the Elder Wand will certainly be broken, together Harry, the wand"s critical owner, would have never lost the wand to defeat in a twin or by being disarmed.


First, in the book, the wand was undamaged when it entered the tomb.

Second, one cannot just steal the Elder Wand and use its complete power. Because that someone to take it it and also have complete accessibility to that near endless power, castle would an initial need to defeat Harry to knife the wands loyalty, otherwise, the wand"s potential is identical to a common wand. Harry"s setup was because that the wand"s power to be destroyed once he naturally dies and the wands commitment is can not to happen to another.

"I"m putting the Elder Wand ago where it came from. It can stay there. If I dice a natural fatality like Ignotus, its power will certainly be broken, won"t it? The previous master will never have been defeated. That"ll be the end of it."


If friend think that Hagrid"s wand, 보다 you will know that in most cases wands cannot be repaired through magic (only the elder wand have the right to repair wands), but it may still be valuable like Hagrid"s umbrella.



No. Hermione can not settle Harry"s broken wand and even Ollivander said it can not be fixed. The only wand the is recognized to have the ability to fix a wand is The Elder Wand itself however that is type of the problem because it is the Elder Wand that is broken.

“Yes,” claimed Harry. “Can girlfriend — ?”

“No,” whispered Ollivander. “I am sorry, very sorry, yet a wand that has actually suffered this level of damage cannot it is in repaired by any way that I recognize of.”

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