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Rick Petko prospered into a fan favorite throughout his year on exploration Channel’s American Chopper TV show. He worked for Orange ar Choppers for 13 years, before parting ways with the shop in 2016. Throughout his year on the show, he without doubt proved his talent and skills as a fabricator and custom bike builder. V all the debates that Paul Teutul Sr. And also Paul Teutul Jr.

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got into, Rick controlled to constantly keep his cool and tried his best not to pick sides.

The previous reality TV star had actually a lot going on even prior to he came on board v the show. He began out doing metal work fresh out of high school, functioning as a crane operator and also cold saw operator. Quickly after, the learned just how to weld and began building NASCAR chassis. Rick also worked in ~ the Pocono Raceway driving college with the Hooters agree Cup gyeongju team.

Later on, he began doing much more industrial contracting, relining kilns and also furnaces, i beg your pardon he remained doing because that the next 10 years. He dropped into auto restoration for a while ~ that, which ultimately transitioned to OCC. We’ve checked out his time v the show, but what has actually the fabricator been up to since he left in 2016? Let’s uncover out.

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Rick Petko’s Career

So, the key reason why Rick also left the OCC shop was since he want to be closer to home with his family. He produced a tradition fabrication shop at the Pocono mountain Harley-Davidson dealership. Let me also point out how cool this is, due to the fact that not very many dealerships have actually a full-on fab shop on the premises. That seems prefer that to be the perfect shift for Petko to store doing what he’s great at.

Not only does he work at the Harley shop, he additionally owns his own fabrication shop from home, RPD & Co, which he started earlier in 2006. Originally, he began his own shop to give himself a an imaginative outlet as an enthusiast that all things custom built, and even today, his shop is still situated on his farm yard in the Pocono hills of Pennsylvania. Here, he does everything from structure vintage race bikes and also mini bikes to working on custom welding and metal occupational to also making tradition knives and also wedding bands. His chef knives, in particular, are extremely cool. What can’t this man do?