Prison break star Dominic Purcell has officially left the present in assistance of his onscreen brother, Wentworth Miller, killing any kind of plans for a 6th season.

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Prison break Season 6 Canceled as Dominic Purcell exit to support Wentworth Miller
Following conveniently behind the recent statement native Prison Break star Wentworth Miller, Dominic Purcell has now confirmed that he too has actually backed the end of ever making a 6th season in solidarity with his onscreen brother. Taking to social media, Purcell stood in assistance of Wentworth"s recent statement about not wanting come return for one more season the the famous show.

Dominic Purcell has actually said season 6 won’t happen in his brand-new Instagram video clip

— jail Break (
prisonn_break_) November 9, 2020"I cannot persuade, nor would I even attempt to sway him come betray his truth. So, that"s it, six isn"t gonna happen, and if that does occur it"s no gonna occur with myself or Wentworth due to the fact that I"m loyal to Wentworth."RELATED: Wentworth Miller will certainly Not Return for jail Break Season 6

Rumors regarding further adventures through the mismatched Prison Break gang have actually been circulating for some time, through Dominic Purcell recently taking to society media to add help churn the rumor mill. While comment a series of fan questions, Purcell revealed the a sixth season was indeed in the works, "Rumor number 1. I"m old," that began. "Yes. I"m 50.....Rumor number 2. I"m bald. No I have a complete head the hair; the world demand I cut it. Rumor number 3, will certainly season pb 6 happen. Yes.....Rumor number 4. Carry out I favor humans? No. No on mass. Definitely not."

But, with both Purcell and also Miller currently walking away from the show, that is very unlikely that a 6th season of Prison Break will ever before happen, in ~ least definitely not in the way anyone would expect.

Purcell"s decision comes complying with Miller"s current social media message, i beg your pardon the actor made in response to backlash that he has actually received online. He take it the chance to declare that he would certainly not be ago for a sixth season have to it ever before materialise, and explaining his factors why. "On a associated note... I"m out. Of PB. Officially," that said. "Not bec of static on society media (although that has focused the issue). I just don"t want to play right characters. Their stories have been said (and told). So. No much more Michael. If you to be a fan of the show, hope for added seasons... I understand this is disappointing. I"m sorry. If you"re hot and also bothered bec you fell in love through a fictional straight guy played by a genuine gay one...That"s her work. - W.M."

Created by Paul Scheuring for Fox, Prison Break revolves about two brothers, Lincoln Burrows and also Michael Scofield, played by Dominic Purcell and also Wentworth miller respectively. Burrows is sentenced to fatality for a crime he did not commit, leaving his genius sibling Scofield to devise sophisticated plan to aid his brothers escape prison and clear his name. The display originally ran for 4 seasons, finishing in 2008, before being revitalized for a sequel miniseries in 2017, something i m sorry both Miller and Purcell were apparently heavily associated in make happen.

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While the last couple of days have actually now doubt been a large disappointment for fans that the show, the decisions made through both actors clearly very vital to them and also deserve respect. While over there are means that Prison Break could continue, with the vibrant cast of personalities providing all sorts of methods in, does anyone yes, really want an ext of the display without Purcell and Miller? Purcell mutual this message via his Instagram Stories.