Ponyboy, Darry, and also Sodapop room waiting in the hospital because that news about the condition of Dally and also Johnny. While they wait, the police and also news reporters arrive to pepper Ponyboy v questions about what happened at the church and also the story of the Socs" death. Ponyboy feels bombarded v questions, i m sorry prompts Darry come intervene between him and also the reporters. The doctor, after some coaxing, speak the guys Dally will recoup from his badly shed arm, yet Johnny is another story. The timber, which fell on him, damaged his back, the is in shock, and also has third-degree burns, the medical professional doesn"t recognize if the will make it through his injuries, however if that does he will be paralyzed. This news is practically too much for the brothers to take, it is a smack of fact they room unprepared to accept.The next day at home, Two-Bit and Steve Randle come by to check out Ponyboy. They space happy the young teenager is doing well and also they display him the newspapers. He is touted as a hero with a headline which reads "Juvenile Delinquents rotate Heroes". Ponyboy reads in the post that that is intended to appear in youth court for running away. He likewise sees Johnny is meant to it is in in court, if that survives his injuries. But the most astonishing news he sees is human being expressing the opinion the brothers need to be allowed to remain to together, after all they have done to follow the rules. Ponyboy is uncomfortable at the believed of being put in a boys" home. Steve tells him not to worry about it, the authorities would not placed heroes in a boys" home. Just as the is digesting this piece of news, Ponyboy learn Sodapop"s girlfriend, Sandy, has actually been sent out to Florida come live v her grandparents. The seems, rather of letting your daughter marry a sixteen-year-old greaser, she parents chose to send she to live through her grandparents. Soda is upset by this revolve of events, however he knows currently he demands to emphasis on functioning his job and trying to help keep his family members together. Darry has to go to work-related also, however is unsure of leaving Ponyboy residence alone, after all he has actually been through. Two-Bit supplies to remain with Ponyboy and takes him come the hospital to visit Dally and Johnny. The two boys avoid by the Tasty freeze to buy part drinks and also see the blue Mustang pull right into the parking lot. Randy, Bob"s friend, desires to talk to Ponyboy, so the two of them have a personal conversation in the car. Randy speak Ponyboy that isn"t walking to take part in the fight between the Socs and also greasers the night. He is upset by the death of Bob and sees the fight together a no win case for both groups. No matter who wins the fight, the Socs will certainly still have all the benefits in life and the greasers will still it is in on the bottom that the social and also economic ladder in their town. Randy explains that Bob misbehaved for this reason his parents would certainly tell that no simply once, but they never ever did. He states he is worn down of people, prefer Bob and also maybe Johnny, dying. He additionally tells Ponyboy he never ever would have saved the kids in the church, yet Ponyboy replies he would have if he had actually been there. Through talking about the differences and similarities the Socs and greasers the two young men involved see each various other as individuals.At the hospital the guys are permitted to watch Johnny. The is in pain, weak, and also can right talk. They recognize he is not going to live very much longer. Johnny asks them to obtain him a copy of Gone with the Wind, therefore Ponyboy deserve to read it come him. When Two-Bit is out buying the book, Johnny"s mother pertains to see him, but he denies she entrance to his room. He i do not care so uncomfortable by the thought of see her, he overcome out. Prior to his mother arrived to check out him, Johnny is informing Ponyboy the doesn"t want to die. That hasn"t seen sufficient in his sixteen years and he desires a possibility to endure life. As Johnny and also Two-Bit leave Johnny"s room to walk visit Dally, they conference Johnny"s mother. She blames lock for she son"s injuries, speak she and her husband have gone come a many trouble come raise him and he wouldn"t it is in in trouble, if that weren"t because that his association through the boys. The boys recognize why Johnny never wanted to be house at night.Dally speak Ponyboy he was concerned he eliminated him, once he hit him as he went the end the church window. In that moment, Ponyboy, for the an initial time, feels as if Dally is his friend. Dally asks Two-Bit because that his switchblade and hides it under his pillow. He is additionally upset to learn Johnny is in bad shape. ~ above the way back home, Two-Bit discovers Ponyboy is running a fever. Ponyboy makes him promise to store it a mystery from Darry. He also tells Two-Bit he has actually a poor feeling about the fight in between the greasers and the Socs. At the vacant lot, Cherry Valance is waiting to speak to the boys, she educates them the Socs will follow the greaser rules because that the fight. She speak Ponyboy she will not visit Johnny, due to the fact that he killed her boyfriend. Ponyboy responds by calling her a traitor and saying he doesn"t want her charity. She replies she isn"t giving him charity, she simply wanted to help him since she thinks he is a quite guy. After rescuing the children, Johnny is close come death, but Dally will make it through his injuries.

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Ponyboy to learn his plot might cause the authorities to placed him and also Sodapop in a boys" home. The experience of the critical week have a profound influence on Ponyboy"s check out of Socs and also greasers.