What is about Santana that provides his guitar lines for this reason memorable? countless players choose up the instruments every day, yet there’s only one Carlos Santana. Simply a couple of notes into any kind of solo, and you deserve to tell it’s him. Below are several of the determinants that give him his distinct sound.

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Santana ton Overview

Broad look at the facets that contribute to Carlos Santana’s distinct guitar tone and also flavor, from the devices he uses, come the approaches he’s emerged over his multi-decade career.

Santana’s play Style

More detailed evaluation of some of the certain ways in which Santana philosophies his guitar playing, indigenous the famous Santana sustain recognized the people round, to the method he infuses his timeless pentatonic scales (blues runs) v a trademark Latin twist.

Guitar and also Amplifiers History

Learn exactly how Carlos used various guitars and also amps end the years, and how this influenced his sound for particular albums. See exactly how he occurred the sophisticated equipment setup he offers now, through decades of trial and error.

Santana Paul Reed smith Guitars

For much more than 30 years, Santana has actually been making use of Paul Reed smith guitars almost exclusively. You deserve to see below how that partnership began, and also grew, finishing in a series of PRS Santana Signature models, shown below.

Paul Reed blacksmith Santana Models History

PRS Santana IPRS Santana IIPRS Santana IIIPRS Santana MD25th Anniversary SantanaPRS Santana SEPRS Santana SE IICarlos Santana SE One AbraxasPRS SE Santana

Santana PRS Guitars Chart

Want to to compare the specs on every the models? just use this handy chart that lays it every out, indigenous pickup species to neck radius, fretboard material and inlays to electronics configuration.

Santana and the Yamaha SG Guitars

Before PRS, Carlos Santana spent several years play the SG models native Yamaha. A vital part of occurring his tone, they take it him come the following step in his sonic quest.

Mesa Boogie Amplifiers

Just as crucial as PRS guitars come Santana’s sound room the well known Mesa Boogie mark I amps. However Carlos didn’t just find them — the literally developed a good part the the motivation for your invention! In the process, he helped to construct not just his own sound, but the species of sounds supplied by numerous thousands that guitarists anywhere the world.

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GHS Strings

In conjunction through his pursuit for remarkable tone, Santana newly joined forces with the GHS String agency to offer a line of Signature Santana strings. These unusual-sized, “big core” etc strings room a enjoy of Santana’s willingness to address the smallest details in his search of the ultimate sound.