The Beatles rock band was one of the first to achieve world fame. So naturally, some civilization wonder which foods items fueled all that creativity and musical talent. The Beatles’ diet wasn’t just necessary offstage, either. Referrals to food and drink peppered plenty of of the Fab Four’s tune titles, consisting of “Strawberry fields Forever,” “A Taste the Honey,” and “Honey Pie.” this songs tended to be about women, though, for this reason that’s metaphorical honey. And perhaps their tastiest track was “Savoy Truffle.”

Food references also appeared in the text of among the band’s many famous and surreal songs, “I am the Walrus.” john Lennon created the tune to enraged fans that took his lyrics too seriously. He offered lines like “Sitting on a cornflake,” “I am the egg man,” and also “Yellow matter custard” to develop a track that’s basically simply a fill of nonsense, learning it would certainly still gain picked apart and analyzed by civilization who want insight about their favourite band. (In fact, that reminds united state a the majority of a similarly cunning artist — Taylor Swift.)

Away native the recording studio, assorted members that the Beatles approached food in various ways. Lennon allegedly experienced from bulimia, and he was also the only member of the band who didn’t go permanent vegetarian. The did try it out, though, in addition to juice diets and also macrobiotics, follow to his widow, Yoko Ono. Surviving Beatles members Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr space still vegetarians today, yet they weren’t constantly so anti-meat. Here’s what the Beatles’ diet looked prefer then and now.

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1. Corn Flakes through Cream

When man Lennon to be born in 1940, many people in England had actually to endure human being War II rationing; cream and many various other things were true luxuries. Consequently, the combination of corn flakes and also thick cream was a treat for Lennon. He even mentioned corn flakes in “I am the Walrus.” Lennon also reportedly took pleasure in ice cream through Rice Krispies. Part rumors said the singer worried around overeating and also purging, but Yoko Ono denied it.

2. Fish and Chips

As regular working class Liverpool boys, the Beatles tape members had a taste for continuous everyday foods, favor the beloved British classic, fish and also chips. We’re not talking potato chips; the fellas took pleasure in thick potato fries served with stop cod. Every little thing was seasoned v salt and vinegar and also wrapped in newspaper. There’s even an outtake the the tape making their film, Magical secret Tour in 1967 that mirrors the boys in a warm fish and also chip shop, surrounding by locals. In The Rock and also Roll Cookbook, released by mar Frampton (ex-wife the songwriter Peter Frampton) in 1980, Ringo Starr contributed, “Travel to your regional fish and also chip shop. Ask because that cod and chips. Include salt and also vinegar come taste. Eat v fingers for ideal results!”

3. Steak

They had this in the pre-vegetarian days.

The Beatles didn’t come to be the world’s most famous vegetarians immediately. In 1964, an interviewer inquiry Ringo Starr what the tape members liked to eat on behalf of the thousands of fans who begged a radio station to find out. Starr said, “We eat steak usually if us go out. Steak and also chips. Egg and also chips. Beans. Bacon. Chicken.” The meat-heavy diet didn’t walk on for too lot longer, though. George Harrison was the an initial Beatle to walk vegetarian in 1965 (although that loosened his rules later), adhered to by Paul McCartney and Starr, and also sometimes john Lennon.

4. Roast Dinner

It was courtesy of Mr. Harrison senior.

The Beatles climbed to fame in Britain and Europe in 1963 after the release of their an initial number one single and debut album, both title “Please please Me.” and also in 1964, they take it America through storm after showing up on The Ed Sullivan Show. Fans around the civilization wanted to understand every tiny detail around the Beatles, and the boys provided the truth in interview ~ interview. George Harrison mutual that he specifically loved his family’s food. The noted, “My father’s cooking first-rate, especially when it involves a roast Sunday dinner.” Harrison’s very first wife, Pattie Boyd, also loved come cook. In she autobiography, she mentioned, “I tried to do the species of points I imagined guys from the north would favor — shepherd’s pie, roast beef, and Yorkshire pudding.” Ironically, she said, she husband was rarely hungry.

5. Eggs

They to be the egg men.

Eggs play a surprising function in one of the Beatles’ most famous songs. In 1963, Paul McCartney wake up up v the track of “Yesterday” completely formed in his mind. If he played it for among his friends, his mommy walked right into the room and also asked if anyone want scrambled eggs. McCartney liked how that sounded, so included the “scrambled eggs” lyrics on height of his formerly wordless tune. Eventually, those text turned right into “Oh baby how I love her legs,” return it’s not clear whom he was complimenting! follow to Patti Boyd’s book, also appetite-free George Harrison sometimes enjoyed a fried egg for breakfast. And also Ringo Starr desired eggs come the spicy food the other band members ate throughout their spiritual pursuits in India.

6. Chicken Maryland

Pre-vegetarian Paul McCartney liked roast beef as well as a dish dubbed Chicken Maryland. And also in the joined States, this dish consists of fried chicken through a thick, creamy gravy. That kind of gravy wasn’t common in the united Kingdom, though. Therefore it’s most likely that McCartney ate a completely different version. In the 1950s (when he to be a kid), Brits take it the fried chicken and included bacon, cornbread, pineapple rings, and also fried bananas! Even more confusingly, there’s also a tiny chain of chicken shops called Maryland Chicken operation in the joined Kingdom. If you find yourself across the pond, just be cautious what you order.

7. Tea

It to be a brother staple.

Tea isn’t so lot a drink as an addiction among many Brits, and the Beatles were together fond of a cuppa together the remainder of your countrymen. Follow to a 1965 Playboy article, they constantly had pots the tea backstage. Plus, in countless photos, the tape took time to reap a brew no matter where lock were, even at the north London record studio, Abbey Road. Yes, the studio v the zebra crossing. Apparently, the Beatles didn’t simply drink tea, either. Paul McCartney stated that as soon as he and John Lennon to be young, lock smoked that in a pipe! We’ll stick through milk and two sugar in our tea, though.

8. Milk

Paul may have actually been messing v us.

It’s not exactly clear exactly how each member the the Beatles took your tea. But given that Paul McCartney once declared that milk was his favourite drink, we deserve to assume he preferred his cuppa nice milky. Yet his ex-wife heath Mills wasn’t kidding in 2007 once she slammed dairy-drinkers for harming the planet. Mills recommended us all try… rat milk instead. Us wonder how McCartney felt about that.

9. Small Beans

In February the 1968, the Beatles, your wives, girlfriends, and also in-laws travel to one ashram in the small Indian city of Rishikesh. They wanted to research the ancient Indian exercise of transcendental meditation with spiritual leader Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Ringo Starr was seriously ill together a child, though. So follow to Pattie Boyd, he had actually quite a fragile stomach and couldn’t pardon onions, garlic, or hefty spices, which to be all usual ingredients in Indian food. To prevent all the strong flavors, Starr lugged his own supply of Heinz baked beans come India. He and also his then-wife, Maureen, left after 2 weeks. Boyd joked the the couple departed due to the fact that Starr to be sick the beans!

10. Curry

While Ringo Starr struggled with Indian food, john Lennon loved it. At least, he loved the British variation of Indian food. In a Q&A, Lennon even noted curry and jelly as his favourite foods. But technically, curry isn’t Indian; it’s an Anglicized attempt to put a surname to numerous different freckles combinations. Although Lennon and also his second wife Yoko Ono occasionally went on fad diets, he couldn’t withstand curry. For example, according to one radio interview, Lennon finished up a 10-day rice-only diet with a curry and also a milkshake. He stated it was “like having every drug ever before touched.”

11. Spaghetti

After your debut album pushed them come fame in the joined Kingdom and in the united States, the Beatles spent the next couple of years touring the world. They played in Britain, America, and also Europe and also had multiple mirrors at the Teatro Adriano in Piazza Cavour, Rome, in June of 1965. Back the media adhered to the tape around, none of the reflects was much more than half full! This was the just time the entirety group made it to the Italian capital; they quit touring completely after 1966. However at the very least they got to shot out the really spaghetti while they were in town.

12. Ice Cream

Fans screamed for the Beatles; the Beatles screamed for ice cream.

Even v their hectic tourism schedule, the Beatles might find time for a sweet treat. A reporter that hung out v the band claimed that after play to 60,000 people at Chicago’s Comiskey Park, in 1964, the singers want to experience a traditional American ice cream parlor favor the persons they observed in movies. Their manager, Brian Epstein, arranged for them to go to Margie’s Candies, which opened up in 1921 and also still has actually two areas today.

13. Jelly Babies

George Harrison’s liquid of selection doubled together a missile.

As us mentioned, interviewers and also fans loved finding out what the Beatles preferred to eat. However when George Harrison casually pointed out that he delighted in Jelly Babies — dense and also chewy fruit-flavored british sweets shaped choose tiny human being — that didn’t realize how fans would react.

The band was in America at the time, and the job after that made the comment, human being who concerned the present took to throwing jelly bean (the liquid most similar to Jelly Babies) ~ above the stage. According to an uncomfortable Harrison, “To do matters worse, to be on a circular stage, so they hit us from all sides. Imagine tide of rock-hard little bullets raining under on her from the sky.” Fortunately, more thoughtful fans likewise sent him packages the the sweets.

14. Apples

When the Beatles’ manager, Brian Epstein, passed in 1967, the band reorganized themselves, something lock hadn’t done due to the fact that he took regulate in 1961. So, in 1968, they collection up to apologize Corps (better recognized as apologize Records) to make certain they regulated their own financial and an innovative interests. Patti Boyd created that that was mainly a document company, yet there were additionally departments the looked ~ the Beatles’ book, film, and TV projects. She stated Paul McCartney came up v the name; it was a beat on apple cores! Apparently, though, the was very annoyed once no one got the pun. The band also sued Apple computer system over the surname in 1978, however both companies at some point settled.

15. Chicken

It was their onstage snack.

Okay, technically the band in this photo didn’t speak to themselves the Beatles. Before they arrived at that name, the group was referred to as the Quarrymen and then the silver- Beetles. In fact, this photo has a teenage man Lennon, George Harrison, Paul McCartney, and also the original drummer Pete Best, who was replaced by Ringo Starr in 1962. Ago in the beforehand days, prior to they met legendary manager and mastermind Brian Epstein in 1961, the band was fixed clean-cut and also worldly. Apparently, castle wore animal leather jackets and used come smoke and also swear onstage. They likewise ate chicken in between songs!

16. Dark steed Lentil Soup

No equines were involved.

While Ringo Starr’s entrance in mar Frampton’s Rock and Roll Cookbook wasn’t so much a recipe together a collection of steering directions, George Harrison did it is provided a recipe for a delicious-sounding vegetarian soup the was plainly influenced by his time in India. The dark horse lentil soup had numerous flavorful additions, consisting of chili, cumin, green peppers, and tomatoes. There was garlic too, so Starr likely didn’t try this one.

17. Home-Cooked Food

George Harrison wasn’t the just one that appreciated a home-cooked meal. In 1963, Paul McCartney relocated in through his girlfriend and future fiancée woman Asher and the remainder of she family. Previously, all of the Beatles common an apartment (or flat, together the Brits say) in London’s Mayfair. But McCartney seemed to lengthy for warm comforts and also the meals Mrs. Asher produced the family every night. Home cooking was likewise important v his very first wife, Linda. The pair composed a song referred to as “Eat in ~ Home” in 1970, but according come McCartney, he wasn’t exactly talking around sitting roughly the dinner table.

18. Bread

Mrs. Asher wasn’t the only residence cook.

In 1975, john Lennon took a break from his post-Beatles music career to become a stay-at-home dad with his and also Yoko Ono’s kid Sean, who was born in October the year. If embracing his residential side, Lennon found a passion for baking bread. In 1980, the told a Playboy writer he take it a Polaroid photograph of the first loaf he ever made (Instagram bakers will relate tough to this), to compare it come making one album in one afternoon. ~ a while, he cooked lump for everyone, consisting of his employees.

19. Honey

How much honey the Beatles ate is a mystery, however they sure loved singing about it. A survey which analyzed end 1,800 recordings the Beatles members made as a band and in their respective solo careers in between 1961 and 2001 looked at which foods appeared most frequently in the lyrics. The report found that honey was the winner. Unsurprisingly, the number one drink was tea. And also over a three-month time span, in 1967 alone, lock recorded five songs that referenced the Brits’ favorite drink.

20. Veggie Burgers

They go from eat beef to having actually beef v meat-eaters.

Paul McCartney and also his first wife, Linda, go vegetarian in the ’70s, supposedly after watching lambs frolic on your farm. Over there weren’t many non-meat alternatives available, though. So in 1989, Linda released a vegetarian cookbook. Two years later, she created her own food brand, offering veggie pies, sausages, and burgers. Back Linda sadly passed in 1998, her food is still marketed today, and McCartney still promotes vegetarianism for ethical and environmental reasons.

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It’s been over 55 years because Beatlemania very first started. While the band is never getting back together, we have the right to raise a cup of tea in their honor.