When Naruto arrived, he and the toads dealt with Pain. The only other world of the hidden Leaf, in my opinion, who were powerful enough to help would be:

Kakashi and other dead peopleGuy—not in the villageTsunade—in a commaThe Uchihas—seemingly defected native the LeafDanzo

Where was Danzo? He would certainly not have wanted the sheet to it is in destroyed, so I would certainly imagine the would assist here and also when Orochimaru assaulted the sheet in component 1.

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Is there any hard evidence to support why Danzo didn"t assist in either attack?

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Danzo was in Konoha at the moment of Pain"s attack, at the root organization"s HQ. He also plays a role in the plot.

He an initial tells Koharu Utatane and Homura Mitokado the Tsunade to be risking the loss of fourth Hokage"s legacy by recalling Naruto from Myobokuzan come the village. (Occurs in ubraintv-jp.com only.) He then kills the messenger frog Kosuke, left behind through Fukasaku to stop the news that Pain"s assault from reaching Naruto, so the the Kyuubi doesn"t autumn in Akatsuki"s hands.

He doesn"t aid the town for politics reasons. He to know that using Katsuyu"s healing, Tsunade would protect against a complete destruction the the village. He can then lied low till Tsunade is removed from power, and then become the Hokage himself. (see photos below, bring away from thing 421 and 424.)

His no helping throughout Orochimaru"s intrusion was likewise presumably because that the very same reason, the is, to try to eliminate Hiruzen indigenous power and become Hokage himself. Either that, or Kishimoto had actually not planned for Danzo at the time.


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