One Piece: The 10 ideal Episodes the The Marineford Arc (According to IMDb) Considered among the finest arcs the the manga/anime, One Piece"s Marineford is filled with memorable episodes. Here are the best ten follow to IMDb.

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One Piece is conveniently one of the biggest manga/anime collection of every time. The collection is still far from over and also its case for the gift the ideal will only acquire stronger. The collection has created some the the best-known arcs in background and plenty much more will it is in joining the list as well.

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One that the most loved arcs in One Piece is Marineford. It focuses on the battle between the Whitebeard Pirates and also the Marines. The Whitebeard Pirates pertained to Marineford to save Ace from gift executed. There to be plenty of activity and drama. The arc covered 33 episodes and ran from episode 457 to 489. In this post, we will be ranking the height 10 illustration of the Marineford arc based upon IMDb ratings.

Luffy and also Garp might be bound by blood, yet they took fully different routes in life. Luffy decided to become a pirate instead of a maritime like his grandfather. This illustration was very emotional as Garp to be the last person standing in between Luffy and Ace.

Luffy had to knock the end Garp in order to reach Ace and he in reality did hit Garp. V Garp the end of the way, Luffy reached the execution platform, and with the assist of Mr. 3, he was able to set Ace free.

~ Whitebeard"s death, Teach ultimately starts his plan. That puts a fabric over Whitebeard"s body and also then goes under it. When he comes out, he reflects off his newly gained power. That shocks the people by showing that he have the right to use the power of the Gura Gura no Mi.

How Blackbeard managed to acquire two devil fruit powers remains one of the biggest mysteries in the civilization of One Piece. The fans space still waiting for Oda to disclose the secret.

Luffy had broken into Impel down in order to cost-free Ace, but he simply fell brief as Ace was taken to Marineford. So, Luffy has actually to get out of Impel Down and reach Marineford. Luffy allied v his enemies and also some new friends together well.

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The alliance finally reached Marineford in this episode. Luffy end up face to challenge with Whitebeard, resulting in a very cool interaction.

7 illustration 481: Ace Freed! Whitebeard"s last Captain"s Order! (8.3)

Ace is finally freed through the an unified efforts of Luffy and also the Whitebeard Pirates. Every pirate existing at Marineford rejoices as they are successful in achieving your goal. Luffy and Ace try to hit their method out indigenous Marineford, beating up countless Marines through their merged attacks along the way.

This is as soon as Whitebeard decides come order his crew to leaving Marineford on your own. He says that it would certainly be befitting that he bring the old era to a close in ~ Marineford.

regardless of Ace and also Whitebeard gift killed, the war rages on and also people space dying everywhere. Sengoku had actually his hands complete with the Blackbeard Pirates and in the meantime, Akainu to be still chasing ~ the Whitebeard Pirates like a foolish dog. Coby who awakens his monitoring Haki can feel human being dying every minute. So, the decides to action up and also ask for the war to it is in stopped.

This annoys Akainu an extremely much and also he assaults Coby, however a very an excellent looking pirate through red hair actions in and saves Coby.

5 episode 489: Enter Shanks! The Ultimate war Ends at last (8.4)

This illustration is simply incredible and shows the ratings have to perhaps no be reliable every time. In this episode, legislation takes far Luffy and Jinbe native Marineford. Shanks finally involves Marineford and also his enntrance gate is simply too good. He stops Akainu from killing Coby and praises the young marine for stepping up.

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Shanks then proceeds come tell anyone to avoid fighting as there have actually been too plenty of casualties. Blackbeard who is current at Marineford knows the he can"t win Shanks and his crew, therefore he decides come leave. Shanks put an finish to the war of Marineford and Sengoku respects his wish and proclaims the the battle is over.

seeing the grit that Luffy, all the pirates become motivated to rescue Ace when again. The Marines knew the Luffy needed to it is in stopped and so, they ongoing attacking him. Sengoku was acquiring worried together the birds of the fight seemed to revolve in donate of the pirates. So, he determined to expose the identification of Luffy"s father.

Everyone is shocked to discover out the Luffy is in reality the child of Monkey D. Dragon. Moria determined to prevent Luffy and exact revenge, however, Jinbe steps in and also saves Luffy. In the meantime, Ace sees Luffy placing himself in ~ risk and also he asks him not to come closer, however Luffy refuses come let his brother die. Whitebeard is exceptionally impressed by this and also asks Marco to safeguard Luffy at all costs.

3 illustration 484: Marine Headquarters Collapses! Whitebeard"s silent Rage! (8.6)

Luffy totally lost it as soon as he observed Ace dice in prior of his very eyes. After ~ spending so lot time together, Ace was finally killed. Luffy shed his huge brother and this left the in an emotional turmoil. Luffy broke down and Jinbe had to take him far in order to store him safe. The Whitebeard Pirates" vow to save Luffy for sure from harm in order to respect Ace"s will.

Visibly angered by the lose of his son, Whitebeard confronts and also absolutely hammers Akainu. While attack the maritime admiral, Whitebeard causes further damages to the marine HQ and brings the down.

This is one of the many emotional illustration in One Piece. ~ Ace jumped in front of the assault by Akainu, he receives a huge wound. Akainu"s punch goes straight with Ace, producing a visual that is shocking and also heartbreaking. Ace began to think around his past once he didn"t understand if the deserved to it is in born.

Meanwhile, Akainu make the efforts to assault Ace when again, but this time Jinbe procedures up and stops his attack. Marco and also Vista involved the assist of Luffy and attack Akainu with Haki penetration attacks. However, Akainu receive no damage. At the finish of the episode, Ace dies as result of the wounds being fatal and before his death, he thanks Luffy and the others because that loving him.

1 episode 485: Settling the Score - Whitebeard vs. The Blackbeard Pirates (8.9)

This episode concentrated on the battle between a father and his "son." Blackbeard came to Marineford with his brand-new set that recruits. He had used his power as a Shichibukai to infiltrate Impel down and free the prisoners. Whitebeard was an extremely angry as Teach to be responsible for the deaths the Thatch and Ace.

Whitebeard unleashed his rage on Teach and at one point, it appeared that Teach could die. However, Blackbeard wasn"t ready to beat fair, so he and his crew attacked Whitebeard in ~ once. Before taking his last breath, Whitebeard confirmed the presence of One Piece.

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