over there are facets like neptunium and plutonium in the routine table. Go their discovery have noþeles to perform with Neptune and also Pluto? Or are they randomly assigned through such names?


Neptunium (93) and also plutonium (94) were so named since they complied with uranium (92) ~ above the routine table.

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Uranium was named after Uranus. German chemist martin Heinrich Klaproth found uranium in 1789, eight year after william Herschel found Uranus. In ~ the time, uranium was the densest element known and also Uranus to be the farthest planet from the sun known.



Asked and also answered, yet this is a great place to encompass other astronomically called elements:

Naming details is native here and a very nice aspect etymology website. Currently that you understand something, girlfriend should more than likely take a holy spirit stimulating diversion.



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What is the group number or name for elements between team 3 and 4 (F-block) ~ above the regular table?
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