Dogs have faces that are normally meant to attract you in closer. No, closer. Closer still. Just a little little bit closer…

What, you weren’t expecting to get your confront licked?

While it isn’t surprising that your dog would spend so lot time trying come lick her face and also show affection, what can be how amazing is as soon as you watch a dog’s tongue…and the blue.

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However, number of breeds are known for having actually blue tongues, and also while we don’t yet recognize why your tongues room a different color, scientists are specific that they’re pretty cute. Check out on to discover out which breeds room most likely to sports darker tongues than usual.

The 9 Dog Breeds v Blue Tongues:

1. Chow Chow

Image: PixabayThis is the breed most widely well-known for having a blue tongue, and it’s likewise one the the oldest breeds ~ above the planet. Space those 2 facts related? no one knows because that sure.

What us are fairly details of, though, is the this each other shares a usual ancestor through the following dog on our list…

2. Shar Pei

Image credit: Yana Mishina, Wikimedia CommonsAnother Chinese breed, this pups are more famous for your wrinkles 보다 their tongues. However, your lickers room usually dark, ranging from blueish-black come purple.

Some scientists think the both Shar Peis and Chow Chows room descended native Tibetan wolves. Even if it is that explains the blue tongues, we don’t know, but we’re pretty particular it method you do not do it make funny of them for it.

3. Rottweiler

Image: Pixabay

Not all Rottweilers have actually blue tongues, and also pink tongues with splotches of blue or black are an ext common. However, the not inexplicable to see one of these dogs with a totally blue tongue.

These pups make terrific guard dogs, therefore if she planning top top breaking right into a house with a Rottie on duty, you should ask yourself whether those point out are merely blood from the last guy the tried to rest in…

4. German Shepherd

Image by AnjaGh native Pixabay

Blue tongues are reasonably rare amongst German Shepherds, but they’re not unheard of. Typically, they’ll have actually a couple of dark splotches, i beg your pardon are resulted in by a concentration the pigment.

These concentrations of colours are totally harmless — if the dog to be born with them, the is. If they form later in life, consult her vet immediately, together it could be the sign of a disease.

5. Akita

Image: public Domain Pictures

Akitas type of look prefer skinny Chow Chows, so we guess it no surprising the they’d have spotted tongues, too. Prefer with German Shepherds, fully blue tongues room rare, but splotches aren’t unusual.

These dogs tend to be affectionate with loved ones however standoffish with strangers, so consider yourself a member the the household if friend suddenly find an Akita tongue in her face.

6. Tibetan Mastiff

Image Credit: Tatyana Kuznetsova, ShutterstockThese large pooches rarely have blue tongues, however they room prone come dark splotches or spots. These spots really have tendency to was standing out, too, together their tongues are about the size of a small dog.

This is an additional breed that most likely descended indigenous Tibetan wolves, for this reason it’s precious wondering if those animals have blue tongues, too. How about you check and report ago to us?

7. Border Collie

Photo credit: PixabayMost Border Collies have actually pink tongues, but particular individuals are born v blue models. Since these dogs room so hard-working, it’s not unexplained for their tongues to it is in hanging out of their mouths, making any kind of pigmentation all the an ext noticeable.

Then again, this dogs are so smart, a blue tongue may just be a sign that lock stole her Popsicles again.

8. Oriental Jindo

Image: Pixabay

These are reasonably rare dogs, as they are primarily bred top top the korean island the Jindo. They’re an excellent hunting dogs, and also they have tendency to type deep emotionally bonds v their owners.

So, if you acquire one through a blue tongue, expect to gain a close-up look at the tongue every time friend walk in the door.

9. Pomeranian

Image by Сергей Корчанов indigenous Pixabay

Dark tongues room rare v this breed, and those that have actually one commonly have an ext of a darkish tinge than a full-on blue tongue. This is the only dog ~ above this list the isn’t capable of killing an intruder, so over there goes one theory about the factor for blue tongues.

Then again, these pups are very suspicious of strangers, so maybe they simply don’t realize that they can’t actually death an intruder…


Feeling kind of Blue

If a garden-variety pink tongue just won’t cut it because that you, think about one that the above dogs v blue tongues. They’re every wonderful dogs, and they’d love nothing much more than to traction their blue tongues up and down your face a pair times.

However, save in mind that a dog’s blue tongue is only acceptable if that a characteristics that’s been present due to the fact that birth. If your typically pink-tongued dog starts enduring discoloration ~ above his tongue, girlfriend should obtain him to a vet immediately.

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Otherwise, though, blue tongue dog or dogs v purple tongues are simply as normal and also adorable together their pink tongued friends. Unfortunately, though, castle seem to be just as prone to doggy breath.


Featured image Credit: bogdanhoda, Shutterstock


The 9 Dog Breeds v Blue Tongues:
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