This overview will give you every one of the understanding you require on the acronym WYM, consisting of its meaning, usage, sentence examples, and more!


What walk the abbreviation WYM stand for?

According to Dictionary and also Urban Dictionary, the definition of WYM is most commonly “what girlfriend mean,” a slang term because that “what do you mean?” This phrase can also be stood for by the message abbreviation WDYM. Note that these acronyms carry out not call for a inquiry mark, as it is implied. Both WYM and also WDYM are regularly used in text messaging and on society media.

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These phrases deserve to be provided in two various ways. The first is come ask for more clarification top top something, and the second is to ask who to tell girlfriend more, according to 7 E S L. WYM can also be supplied to phone call someone the you perform not recognize what they are talking about.

WYM additionally has a couple of other less typical definitions. The below definitions, native The complimentary Dictionary, are still valid interpretations for WYM, yet one should be cautious when using these definitions, due to the fact that it is likely that the reader will take the abbreviation WYM to mean “what girlfriend mean?”

Watch your MouthWilmington Yearly conference (Wilmington, OH)Western Yearly meeting of friends Church (Plainfield, IN)Would girlfriend Mind?Waymar Resources, Ltd.Wake her MindWas You and MeWebsite because that Young Marines

Is WYM casual or formal?

WYM is a an extremely casual number of speech and should be reserved for use only in casual message messaging or on society media. WYM have to never be provided in professional circumstances like on a resume, in a company email, in a letter, or in any kind of other formal setting.

Below is an instance of a case in i m sorry it would be unreasonable to use the abbreviation WYM, adhered to by a amendment version.

Mark simply started a new job and his boss sent out him a list of tasks to complete. However, the list contains a lot of jargon that note is unfamiliar with. The emails his boss Jen to ask for clarification.


Hey Jen,

Rly sry but IDK WYM by any kind of of this… us didn’t usage these native
my last task n i’m super confused. Can u phone call me what this large list of terms means? TYSM.



Hi Jen,

Thank friend for sending out over the assignment sheet! ns am excited to gain started. I did have a pair of clarifying questions prior to I begin; i’m a bit unfamiliar with some of the abbreviations and also terms that are provided in this document. Might we collection aside a few minutes to go over them so I deserve to make certain I execute these work correctly? say thanks to you!



Mark should not be using slang words in a expert email. Specifically at a new job as soon as he is asking for things to be explained to him, the amount of message speak and also abbreviations he provides is a red flag. Instead, he need to write a concise, expert email come his boss.

What space synonyms for WYM?

7 E S L and Power Thesaurus list many synonyms for the acronym WYM. Numerous of these are considered much more formal or polite than the slang ax WYM, and also can thus be used in much more professional settings.

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What execute you mean?What room you implying?What does the mean?What are you saying?Please explain.What execute you intend?What do you mean?What space you trying come say?Can girlfriend elaborate?What space you talk about?

How can WYM be offered in a sentence?

WYM is suitable to exploit in many valuable text conversations. Below are a few examples of circumstances in which using the hatchet WYM is acceptable. In the first example, Shannon texts Mia about their weekend plans.