From beaches and also swimming pools come washer and also dryers and also whirlpool tubs; when selecting a global Discovery Vacations resort, amenities play a really important role. For numerous members, wherein they are situated is a driving aspect in choosing a location to stay.

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So what does On Site and Unit Amenities yes, really mean?

When you see a resort listing online before making a reservation, click on the resort Tab or the Unit Tab. Top top the will tab, to wash will display if there space appliances in the unit, onsite or nearby off property. Click on the Unit tab and you’ll see if the washer and also dryer are in your unit for an individual use or on site for all to use.


Amenities noted on reservation page.

You’ll have one more chance to evaluation amenities when you review your check after booking, you’ll see Resort Amenities and also Unit Amenities detailed on your documentation:


Amenities indigenous a confirmation document.

Resort Amenities space the amenities you’ll find on the home at the resort.Unit Amenities are those amenities you’ll find inside your condominium.

The most common misconception of an international Discovery Vacations travelers is that an On-Site will amenity is within the unit, most specifically washer/dryers.

If the washer/dryer is detailed under will Amenities as On Site, that means you’ll find these appliances what on the grounds that the resort for usage by all the guests. Some of these devices are complimentary; some may require a fee because that use.


Example of one On-site amenity

What carry out you do if your washer/dryer is ~ above or turn off site?

In some destinations, you’ll uncover a midweek towel/linen exchange because that condominiums that execute not come through a washer/dryer in the unit. Myrtle Beach, southern Carolina is a element example. Worldwide Connections has a Property monitoring office on the cool Strand who provides this organization if ours members perform not want to perform laundry ~ above site!

Check her Welcome publication when you enter the unit to view what solutions you deserve to take benefit of as soon as you take trip with global Discovery Vacations. No all areas offer a mid-week bath towel exchange, some might not have actually a washer/dryer anywhere on property. Global Connections strives to find condos v this convenient amenity because that our members. In the rare instances the is not available, a laundry mat is usually found nearby.

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Whether you’re planning your family vacation or have a Global discovery Vacations condo booked, make sure you understand where her amenities space located. Will Amenities room on the grounds, Unit Amenities are inside your unit.