No, ns am your father!
Darth Vader"s name was not a clue that he to be Luke"s fatherGeorge Lucas lies.Or fairly he spreads myth and legend about Star Wars.For instance, he when said he has written 12 Star battles movies.But no,he didn"t.And what around the case that Darth Vader was always Luke"s father?Lucas has said that the an interpretation of Darth Vader"s surname was "Dark Father" by method of a loosened Dutch translation.*In the German language "vater" method father, including to the translate in mix.Both those language interpretations are simply incidental. Lucas has actually been quoted as saying:""Darth" is a variation of dark. And also "Vader" is a sports of father. So it"s usually Dark Father.All the names have history, however sometimes i make mistake -- Luke was originally going to be dubbed Luke Starkiller, but then i realized that wasn"t proper for the character.It was ideal for Anakin, but not his son.

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I said, "Wait, we can"t weigh this down too much -- he"s the one the redeems him.""Lucas seems to be saying with the surname he was providing a large clue around the familial ties.I said he lies however he"s reallyspreading myth around the lore that Vader
as he had no idea Vader to be Luke"s father until at the earliest allude of the second draft of Empire"s script.When Lucas was drafting Star battles he wrote numerous stories and also then he created even more stories and permutations of those stories through characters, some green, some goblins yet there was constantly two separate personalities of Anakin Skywalker (or Starkiller if you desire to be yes, really clear ~ above the point) and Darth Vader.That part of drafting phase was ultimately turned right into a graphics comic book!No sign in any of that occupational that Vader to be Starkiller"s dad.The first draft of empire was composed by Leigh Bracketbased top top direction provided by Lucas.It walk NOT have actually Vader gift Luke"s father together a plot point.Read it for yourself.See, there"s no cite of the relationship at all.At ALL.Lucas, nor Brackett, had actually simply no conceived that the idea.It to be not till Lucas and also Lawrence Kasdan bothwere well advanced on the script for The empire Strikes ago that the characters of Anakin and Darth were combined to do them one character.So the fact is there was no clever clue around Vader"s origins or even a beat on native to give Vader his so called Dutch translation.Rather, Darth is probably simply a cool name that Lucas consisted of or cribbed from what - the did this withJedi and also Sith native Edgar Rice Burrough"s works.Update:
Based on the comments listed below (thanks for chipping in guys and also gals!) is clean this post didn"t do enough to deal with the inquiry "what walk Darth Vader mean?" for some readers.I"ve tightened it increase a bit and added an ext explanation.It"s ours firm view that the reasoning in this short article is sound.Lucas did not intend for the surname Darth Vader to typical "Dark Father" by method of a clever indigenous translation - this based on the truth that at the moment of writing the first Star Wars manuscript he had actually no idea himself that Darth Vader was to become Luke"s father. It was not a hint, nor part of a lengthy game.We believe any other dispute that cannot counter this is rather redundant in regards to it being a clue regarding Vader"s parenthood together being a dark father.By every means, feel cost-free to disagree yet I advice you to think freely and also rationally.Name callers simply look stupid, friend jerks.Want to review some more sweet things around Darth Vader?
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