Being accountable and answerable to more than one supervisor is never liked by the employees. Unity of Command is the one business management theory that resolves this issue.

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When it comes to managing a business or a company, some fundamental principles should always be kept in mind. This is what Henri Fayol thought when he came up with the 14 important principles of management.

When we talk about important management theories, unity of command plays the most significant role in channelizing employees in more convenient, motivated, and result-driven manner.

According to the Principle of Unity of Command, there shouldn’t be a group of supervisors for a single subordinate or a single team working for a company.

Don’t get what we are talking about?

Now, for those who want to know a bit more about this theory and what it does to the management of a company, this is the perfect place to be.

Here we are going to have a little discussion about the principle and also look upon the benefits that it has for a business. We will also get to know a bit more about the importance of it.

Introduction to the Unity of Command


Another one of the main benefits of the principle is that it helps in the betterment of the coordination in the company and along with that it promotes the teamwork too.

With the help of the Unity of Command principle, the managers and the team heads of a company will be able to make faster and more improved decisions because there will be no one else to question their decisions. The only person that they will be answerable to would be their senior, and that will ensure that the business has all the growth and success that it needs for sure.

#7. Productive and Positive Environment

The unity of command principle also makes sure that the workers and the employees of the company often have a positive attitude towards their work and they don’t have to worry about answering to many people at the same time.

This encourages a kind of positive environment in the company that ultimately ensures more productive outcomes for the companies.

Wrapping it up!

So, these are some of the benefits of the unity of command principle.

This article was meant to guide you about the benefits of the unity of command in a company, and we hope we were successful. We hope that it was an informative one for you, and it helped you in understanding the concept of the unity of command in the best way.

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How important do you consider the unity of command principle for the success of any company in today’s time? Share your views in the comments section below.