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‘Those increased in metropolitan Western expertise of the psychology of the animal kingdom have tendency to check out the fox as a cunning, sly, cheat animal.’‘She was a quite cunning and sly teenager by nature, accented by her small brown eyes and usual smirk.’‘When Chinese define a human being as ‘a monkey’, it means the human being is extremely sly or cunning.’‘Diplomacy together a video game values the sly, the cunning, the underhanded, the crafty.’‘She"d obviously met a negative bunch, because that McCabe is immoral, deceitful and sly.’‘But the is dispensed v such style, combination to together a mixture that absurd silliness and sly knowingness about human nature, that you can"t help falling because that its charms.’‘Ray was oblivious to my cunning and also sly plan, and also I kept it that way.’‘How could he have forgotten exactly how sly and deceitful Viya was?’‘The Romans, who will resolutely overwhelm an adversary with the can of arms, they say Phoenicians space deceitful and also sly.’‘He to be cunning, sly and also a an excellent strategist, beating she at gamings of wits as soon as others can"t.’‘It"s not difficult that together a conspiracy is taking place, due to the fact that there are countless sly world who manipulate the dumb citizens because that their own benefit.’‘Lord knows the girl had actually made enough sly remarks about them obtaining together.’‘I"m beginning to go faster at each race yet I"m still no sly sufficient when it pertains to hitting mine adversaries!’‘His character is a blending of countless different traits: he"s smart, sly, manipulative, dangerous, and much more.’‘Her letters therefore reveal a net of motives and sly manipulation the her uncomfortable place encouraged.’‘If the character feels angry, i go crazy; and also it"s the exact same with sadness, but with the Marquise, she is sly and calculating and also that"s my hardest challenge.’‘The dialogue is often artful, with sly proposal that the seed of assorted Shakespearean plots and themes were sown in the muck of your messy affair.’‘These bungalows had their own world, their own parties and also picnics, their unique sly and subtle ‘in’ jokes.’‘It is sly, clever after ~ a fashion, and also undeniably effective.’
cunning, crafty, clever, wily, artful, guileful, tricky, conniving, scheming, devious, designing, deceitful, duplicitous, dishonest, disingenuous, underhand, sneaky, untrustworthy
1.1(of a remark, glance, or face expression) showing in one insinuating way that one has some secret knowledge that may be harmful or embarrassing.

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‘He couldn"t stand up to what showed up a sly dig at the directors of Dundee, suggesting that by refusing to expropriate his market to invest, they to be willing to risk their club"s jae won well-being.’‘He appears touched but then can"t resist having a sly destruction at himself by pointing out that the yes, really tender point to have actually done would have been no to encompass it top top the album.’‘Stan nodded conspiratorially, a sly grin creeping over his face.’‘The entire nation tuned in to watch his presentation that the 1994-1995 budget interspersed v Urdu couplets and sly digs at the opposition.’‘Juliano would revolve around and there would certainly be Petty, looking in ~ him through a cracked grin the said, ‘I acquired you again.’’‘‘We might let in a few goals,’ he stated with a cracked grin.’‘‘Something for you come eat,’ replies the breakfast girl with a cunning grin.’‘Oozing grace, charm, wit and also style, she provides a masterclass the the English mannered format - a elevated eyebrow right here or a sly grin there sufficient to save us engaged.’‘At the Chelsea Flower Show, Ann-Marie Powell find garden designers looking come a geometric future and also enjoys japesters taking a sly destruction at the past’‘He supplied to peel down to his jockstrap, muscle glistening, cracked grin flashing, while firing cryptic answers in ~ the media, which that loathed.’‘Given his reluctance to admit the obvious, it"s no surprised he quiet manages to aim a an option of sly digs at the Australian umpires and also authorities.’‘His at an early stage morning frown progressively turned right into a sly, cheeky grin, together if to say, ‘Look what I"ve found.’’‘But that quick eyebrow, cunning grin and crooked jaw are now what make me, well, me.’‘By transporting her message with a cunning grin, West reminded us that sex - and, through extension, life - is an alleged to be fun.’‘His hair will be closely dishevelled (by me), he will certainly be unshaven, and also he will certainly wear a sly grin.’‘The sly grin on his face and also the glint in Len"s eyes stated it all.’‘Was voting for these awards a sly dig at the American establishment?’‘Galloway request them, v a cunning grin, come look out for his car.’‘On the cover shot, Fleck sporting activities a cunning grin as if the knew what a wonderful journey he was about to embark on.’1.2(of one action) surreptitious.